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Collimator sights are popular among players for their convenience, they can be used in low light conditions and provide a wide field of view. These sights can be used with nearly any type of small arms – starting with a pistol and ending with a rifle. The collimators are light, compact and one can use both his eyes to aim.

A new model has been added to the range of LASERWAR sights. We are talking about 1x33 collimator sight.

In 1x33 sight four variations of reticles are used. You can switch between them by means of a mechanism located at the back part of the device. Besides that, the colour of the mark and the brightness can be regulated: the shooter may choose between green and red, and pick one of the 5 brightness levels. They can be regulated by means of the flywheel with the built in 3V battery. Aiming at the opponent is easy, even when he is running or trying to hide.

Two adjustment screws located at the top and left parts of the device walls are used to regulate it. As the screws turn they click, each click equals 1 arcminute: each click of the screw shifts it by 25 mm for a distance of 91m. The sight gives the shooter a wide field of view and it doesn’t obstruct it. This will be appreciated by those who like to have the playfield under control.

The attachment for the Weaver bar is built into the aluminium frame of the sight, two screws are used to mount the bar, thus properly fixating the sight. The 1x33 collimator sight can boast its anti-reflective and anti-glare coating. The sight will not disclose the player, and only the shooter will see the target dot.

The model comes equipped with hex keys, rechargeable battery, and a cleaning cloth. A protective lens cover has been added for careful storage. The cost of a 1x33 collimator sight is 2500 roubles. You can purchase it at our LASERWAR online store.