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Please meet AKM PROROK of the ORIGINAL edition

Please meet AKM PROROK of the ORIGINAL edition

We have prepared a series of brief video reviews of best laser tag equipment pieces. Today, we are presenting a video showing remarkable reincarnation of the good old AKM, which is so much popular in the USA that even the famous Magpul company has come out with a special customization set for Kalashnikov guns.

Its usual shape has been subtly changed by adding to it a foldable telescopic stock and a long handguard made of thermoplastic polymer and thus rejuvenating its bold features. The Picatinny rail on top of the receiver makes mounting of sights easy. An airsoft gun made of steel and aluminium alloys – a true copy of its famous prototype – served as a basis of the blaster. The safety catch is used for activating the gun and for selecting the mode of fire. The gun is reloaded by pulling back the bolt, same as in combat weapons.

The characteristics of the AKM PROROK with Magpul accessories:

  1. Effective range – 185 m
  2. Continuous operation time – up to 30 hours
  3. Accumulators LI+ (2,2 AH; 7,4 V)
  4. Length – 88-130 cm
  5. Weight – 3,3 kg

The tager is recommended for personal use. You can order it right now from our online store.