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Laser tag Cerberus mine Additional accessories

Laser tag Cerberus mine has been a popular device in many rental clubs for years. It will significantly diversify the game and turn the playground into a place where one should not walk without looking back. A classic tripwire mine or a modern device with an infrared detection will not let the players relax, waiting for them in the most unexpected places.

laser tag cerberus mine on a tree

Use additional accessories (purchased separately) to place the mine in an unexpected place for the enemy players.

A firm and comfortable strap with a plastic lock and adjustable length makes it easy to attach the mine to poles and trees (even very thick ones) and surprise the enemy player with an unexpected "gift". A set of metal pins will allow you to set a mine on soft ground or in the snow at just the right angle. Show your imagination and surprise the opponents!

laser tag cerberus mine under a tree

You can purchase the above-mentioned accessories immediately by selecting the appropriate options when ordering a mine, or purchase them separately in our online store.