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Laser tag birthday party

In today's fast-paced world, organizing a party is more hassle than it's worth. It's faster to simply show up with the company to a prearranged location and have a good time. Are you pondering about making your celebration bright and memorable? Celebrate playing laser tag.

Birthday party for kids and laser tag

The pickiest birthday persons are kids. The kids will not be surprised by the presence of toys and colorful balloons. They exist in a mix of real world and video games. That's why no kid would refuse to play a real war game. In laser tag, kids are armed with a tagger. They wear a special vest and headband and will be able to actually save his team from being defeated.

When the game is over, game participants will congratulate the birthday kid. If you want, you can prepare a gift and hand out diplomas to each of the players as a remembrance of the battle.

A birthday party in laser tag is more emotional than just another feast with delicacies or a cinema trip.

Celebration for adults

Laser tag is an activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or gender. The absence of live ammunition and heavy weapons ensures the game safety. It is not necessary for participants to receive special training, just sit through the briefing and then go into battle.
For adults, it will be a great way to de-stress and release energy after a working day.

Other than working out, laser tag is also a good alternative to exercising. Monotonous exercises at the gym will be replaced by something new.

Guests on their birthday will not be bored if they play laser tag. Everyone will be passionate about the fight. Many people have long wanted to play shooting games, but because of fear or injury have never done so. Safe and non-injurious laser tag is therefore an excellent option for these individuals. For a fun-filled holiday, all that's left to choose is whether the game is a sci-fi blockbuster or a Hollywood chiller.

For example, celebrate a birthday playing a Team Deathmatch scenario. Each team will be divided into two groups. One group will then take on the responsibility of destroying the opposing team. The team that "kills" the most opponents in a set amount of time wins. The fairly simple rules and short rounds are suitable for guests of all fitness levels, ages and genders.

Or play Hunger Games. Participants will quickly and independently find weapons and, at the signal of a coloured rocket, begin survival - every man for himself. The game is one hour long. The celebration will take place in the spirit of a thrilling film. 

Recommendations for choosing a laser tag club

See our guide to finding the perfect laser tag club for your birthday party.

- see photos of the playground and appreciate the area preparation;

- choose a club that has banquet facilities, because to host a party you'll also need a space for leisure activities.

- find out where the banquet will be held and how you can order food. Learn if the receptionist will be able to place the order;

- check whether there is a recreation room and how many people it can accommodate. After the game, guests may become physically exhausted and wish to tidy up.
Learn beforehand what scenarios are available so you don't get bored while playing.

- read reviews from other players who visited the club.

Birthday party with laser tag at home

If you don't want to go anywhere, but want to throw a birthday party with laser tag, we have HOME LASER TAG game sets. You don't have to travel to a laser tag club to have fun, you can play at home, in your yard, or even in your flat.

This package comes with various weaponry, headbands, chargers, and remotes in a compact size. There are only a few basic steps: gather your guests, select a scenario, and get started.

Family game sets

For those who like to enjoy a cozy holiday in the company of their loved ones, laser tag sets for up to four players would be a perfect choice. The set includes: four taggers, four headbands, the same number of chargers and one remote control.

The choice of weapons is designed for dad, mum and the youngest participants.

All game sets are easy to use and require no special knowledge set up the equipment.

A birthday party with laser tag will be a memorable one. It's a great opportunity to celebrate a long-awaited holiday in a healthy and fun way. Absolute safety and affordability are the main advantages. There are no age restrictions or boring scenarios.

Have festive battles on the playground or play at home by choosing from ready-made LASERWAR game sets. A thrilling sports game ideal for any company.

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