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Laser biathlon at the Seagull biathlon facility

Laser biathlon is a LASERWAR project intended for the preparation of professional biathletes. It is aimed at lowering the minimum age at which young sportsmen can enter the sport, as well as at cutting down on the expenses, which are inevitable during intensive training.

LASERWAR engineers developed the electronics, emitters and the target range. They used the BI-7-5 biathlon rifle as a basis for the creation of the Laser biathlon 2.0 training set for biathletes.

Its main advantages:

  1. using the rifle is safe for young sportsmen;
  2. the rifle has exactly the same dimensions as its prototype;
  3. the authentic reloading has been preserved;
  4. shots are visible – hits can be seen with an accuracy of 1 mm;
  5. it takes as long to activate the equipment as it does a sportsman to take the ready position at a cross-country trail.

Our equipment is safe, it saves cartridges and helps prepare a biathlete to handling small-bore rifles.

Together with the young sportsmen of the Seagull biathlon and skiing facility, we carried out comprehensive field trials of the Laser biathlon. During the preliminary relay, young biathletes had a chance to appraise all the advantages of the new technological invention. We hope that our developments will form the basis of their future victories and we wish them great achievements in sports!