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Laser biathlon 2.0 light. Regeneration

Here is excellent news for lovers of biathlon, coaches and sportsmen. Something in the range of LASERWAR Laser Biathlon has been replaced.

The sports rifle that young sportsmen will receive meets the highest world standards and so is suitable for proper training. The compact, stylish, light, ergonomic rifle can easily compete with the world’s top biathlon weapons, which are used by eminent sportsmen for training. Anyway, you can see it for yourself:

The rifle stock is made of beech or walnut—this light and strong material has been recognized by armourers the world over. Ideally, wood must 'breathe’. Therefore, instead of being painted it has been treated with special wood protection. The pistol grip with an anti-slip notch is comfortable to hold in one’s hands - the weapon definitely won't slip out of them.

The stock has adjustable shoulder and cheek pads which make it possible to personalize it and thus allow any sportsman to use its possibilities to the maximum.

The rifle is fitted with a double reload mechanism. The classic biathlon reload bolt imitates the operation of a smallbore rifle. As to the youngest of sportsmen, it will be easier for them to reload the weapon by pushing the bolt with their thumbs.

The rifle is fitted with a ring-type eye-piece and an adjustable dioptre sight with 0.05 mm pitch. During action, both the foresight and the back sight are protected against snow getting inside with mobile covers.

A system of belts that steadily fix the weapon behind a sportsman’s back is undoubtfully one of the important elements of the biathlon rifle affecting the result of a competition and shooting effectiveness. The rifle comes with a belt for attaching it behind one’s back with a standard set of fasteners compatible with a majority of belt models that are produced. At the front section of the stock there are fittings for an additional sling attachment.

The rifle is activated by means of a button at the stock end. The rifle borrowed its optical system, electronics and all its functions from the laser BI-7-5. It has adjustment fire mode, too. To enter the mode, slide the reload bolt, turn on the rifle and pull the trigger three times. At that, the laser emitter will enter the automatic fire mode for the convenience of sight adjustment. By pulling the reload bolt three more times, you will enter the settings mode. There, you can select the number of extra cartridges, the number of magazines, reload type and sound effects settings. Push the reload bolt to switch between settings options. To confirm your choice, pull the trigger.

The rifle has a lithium-ion accumulator. Any 5B device with a mini-USB input will do to charge it. A charger inlet is on the left-hand side of the stock.

You can buy the Laser Biathlon 2.0 Light right now at our online store. Its price is 83 000 roubles. The set comprises a 72 000 rouble laser rifle (a three-point belt is included) and an 11 000 rouble target. This set will be great help to starting sportsmen in their training.