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Global update of the LASERWAR configurator

Friends, we know that many laser tag players have been waiting for this. Without any  words, we inform you that we have done a lot of work to introduce new functional and optimization of the LASERWAR configurator. 

1. Access levels have been updated in the software. Now there is an administrator, an instructor and a guest. When you first launch the software, you will see a window for registering a user with the “administrator” access level. Registration through social networks is possible. “Administrator” has access to all the  functions of the application.

A “guest” (unregistered user) will not be able to record settings, launch the game, or  work with statistics. In fact, the “guest” only opens the application and follows the links  from the “News” and “Cybertag” sections. The “instructor” changes the tactical and technical characteristics settings, play games, saves and publishes statistics. He cannot edit fiscal data of completed game sessions,  add new users or delete existing ones, or edit access rights.

2. Connection with the developer in case of errors in the application. Similar functionality has already proven itself in Alfatag and will now be available to the  users of the tenth generation. The “Feedback” item has appeared in the general  settings of the application. In case of a problem while working with the software, 
describe it in as much detail as possible, check the “Attach logs” (don’t forget to set the  time interval) and “Attach a database” checkboxes, then send a report to us. As soon  as possible, the developer will identify the causes of the failure and fix it. If necessary,  he will contact you at the email address specified in the report.

3. Full customization of the application appearance. Previously, you could only change the background of the main window and the start  lobby, as well as images and links for the “News” and “Cybertag” sections.

Now there is an opportunity to:

— design each section according to your taste: upload the images you like instead of  the standard ones
— change the appearance of the main menu: now there is a possibility to remove  unnecessary tiles (e.g. in the screenshot)

— upload your own images (only in .svg format) for weapon class icons

— upload your own images instead of standard player avatars
— upload images for command icons
— use your own column names in statistical tables.

In the general settings of the application (gear in the upper left corner of the main  menu), there appeared an item called “Interface Settings”, which will allow you to make  changes.

4. Adding arena sounds. In the “Sounds” section of the Configurator a new subsection has been added, it is  called “Arena Sounds”. For each scenario three background tracks are prepared. If  necessary, you can download the music files you need (only .mp3 format is  supported). Playback starts automatically after the start of the round. “Event Sounds” are also available - the launch of a particular scenario, double/triple kills, activation/deactivation of IEDs, capturing/holding flags - these and many other game events will be sounded by the application. You can find the entire list of event sounds in the item of the same name, and also replace these effects with the ones you like.

5. The medals received by the players can now be viewed directly during the battle.  They are displayed both in the start lobby and in the dynamic statistics window. When  you hover your mouse over the icon, there will appear a description of what you have  received the medal for. This function is enabled in the round settings.

6. We solved the problem of equipment firmware using the Configurator. While starting  a network game, some kits might not start. Now, in this situation, the software will send  the “start game” command to the tag gun until the kit starts or the user stops the round. To set this parameter, go to the application settings, find the item “Timeout for waiting for the game to start with a tag gun” and set the time during which the software will attempt to start the game on the kits.

If at the same time the Configurator indicates that the statistics on the kit are damaged, it will automatically stop the game on this tag gun, clear the statistics and reactivate it. The automatic statistics clearing function will help users with this.

7. While adding a gamer into the database, you can create an avatar according to your personal taste.

8. New terms of the end of the game.

— “Limitation on frags for each player.” As soon as any fighter completes the number  of virtual kills mentioned in the scenario settings, the round will stop.
— “Limitation on frags per team.” As soon as the fighters of each of the teams  participating in the game commits the specified number of virtual kills, the round will  stop.

9. Now it is possible to publish game session statistics on social networks.

10. As practice has shown, the more records are stored in statistics, the higher the  probability of hanging of the application. Right up to exiting.  Not to upset the fighters,  the developers have added a function of deleting games. You can clear both an  individual game (session) and for a selected period of time (including completely). 

11. Access to application sections during the game. Previously, when starting a  network game, the user could only switch between the start lobby and the dynamic statistics window. Our developers have opened access to all sections during the game. To do this, just click the “Back” button in the lobby.

The LASERWAR online configurator update will become available in the next 24 hours.

LASERWAR represents the 10th X-Generation

LASERWAR represents the 10th X-Generation

On October 28, in Moscow, we officially presented to laser tag fans the 10th generation of LASERWAR equipment called X-Generation.

TAGER Project – what is it about?

TAGER Project – what is it about?

Tager is the equipment for a tactical game of the next generation . The game imitates armed combat. The objective of the game is to defeat the rival using a special light blaster, while



The LASERWAR on-line store offers a wide range of laser tag equipment. At our site a user will find everything: from unsophisticated pistols to authentic mass-dimensional automatic rifles and machine-guns. We produce a great variety of laser tag gear for any game script: mines, bombs, hand grenades, etc. A newbie in the laser tag world is easily taken aback by our wide range of models. If you hesitate what to choose from our equipment, this review will help you take the right decision. Here we present the taggers which have proven best in many laser tag battles: from private tournaments to large-scale public events. Choosing them you trust the reliable opinion of our company’s experts and of those who have successfully tested that equipment. So, here is the list of best-selling LASERWAR models.

LASERWAR game statistics collection systems

LASERWAR game statistics collection systems

How the collection of game information and control of the game takes place?



LASERWAR COMPANY is happy to present the unique Smart RGB-headband. This headband is the result of long and painstaking working process involving all the members of our team. It took more than a year to work out the final version. We are absolutely sure that the new band will have a tremendous effect on the game process making your dreams come true! But let us get down to the heart of the matter.



From year to year LASERWAR Company has been improving electronics, hardware and software components. Every step to a new qualitative level is marked with a new number. Such gradation shows the history of our company development and the stages are marked with their special features and innovations. The ninth generation is no exception. It incorporated all the best features of Generation 8, and the use of our new SMART RGB-headband gave the possibility to look at the game process from another point of view.