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It’s not a secret that in a good laser tag game all kinds of additional equipment are welcome, no matter what generation or manufacturer they represent. Sometimes this subject gives rise to hot Internet-debates where users simply foam at the mouth claiming that “our” manufacturer is much better than “their” one. However, there are no “us” and “them” for the LASERWAR company. We welcome and work for all laser tag fans. So if you are fond of recreational activity we are happy to offer a global advancement of your gaming equipment.

You may ask to up-date the production of any laser tag company. We offer:

Low prices. Advancing your dated laser tag hardware is much cheaper than buying new expensive devices. The up-grade price is close to the original cost of production. Liberal pricing policy for technical up-grade enables our customers to enlarge their gaming arsenal.

Payment by installments. The pay period for up-grade is from 6 up to 24 months. It is very convenient in case you need to up-grade a large number of laser tag devices. We give you the opportunity to plan your budget and efficiently allocate your money resources.

The best software support. Hardware advancement gives you access to the most up-to-date virtual ‘stuffing’ which makes your equipment more adaptable and enables you to change the settings, read and report statistics. The unique android application will also become available and of great use ‘in the field’.

Everything is simple and clear. LASERWAR creates opportunities for our clients to advance laser tag equipment without sufficient expenses. Our policy allows you to save on your favourite entertainment!