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Game set - new prices

Game set - new prices

As promised, we are adding new devices to the list of scenario game equipment. In continuation of the topic Pandora's box, we present a new device compatible with the "box" and set favourable prices for the scenario game set.

As far as you have already learnt, the initial task of the players was to extract "radioactive" tubes from the box secured with a digital lock. In order to open the lock, it was necessary to keep the box under control for a certain period of time, preventing the opponent from intercepting the initiative.

The "radioactive" tube extracted from the repository emits pulses of "radiation" with the characteristic crackling sound of the Geiger counter.

Now the scenario has a continuation.

Your task is to deliver the dangerous cargo (being near the tube gradually takes away hp) to the set point of destination and, having collected in one place three tubes, to start the "Activator" which according to the scenario can carry out various functions. The tubes can be a source of energy for the nuclear engine or explosive device, or, conversely, the "Activator" can neutralize dangerous radioactive or biological containers - it is up to you to decide. A good scenario maker will be able to create an exciting game using these entourage devices.

After the tube is inserted into the "Activator" socket, it stops emitting "radiation" pulses, but only if it is installed correctly. If the radiation has not stopped, the tube must be turned upside down. Three correctly installed tubes - and the "Activator" is started!

Its work takes some time and is accompanied by sound and light effects. When the "Activator" has stopped working, this part of the script is considered completed. The cost of one device is reduced to 270 dollars. When you buy three copies you can buy "Activator" for only 90 dollars and get a complete "Pandora's Box" game set, which will significantly diversify the gaming universe of your club. Have a good game!