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Firmware with autorevival mode support

We have already written about the changes that have been done to the parameters of game characters in the new version of laser tag configurator 8.5.7. We have added the Autorevival point to the parameters of game characters. It allows to enter new types of NPCs (a non-player character is a character that is not controlled by a player). These may include all sorts of monsters, zombies, hostages and even common players – all those who cannot be killed for good. After a interval that has been set up in autorevival the killed character will be automatically activated, without the help of instructors or remotes. You can use your limitless fantasy to decide how to apply this function in game scenarios. Meanwhile, we are going to explain how to ensure that everything works fine.

To use the new autorevival function, besides updating your configurator, you need to update the firmware of generation 8 and 9 tagers to versions 8.01.71 and 9.02.57, which support the mode. The new firmware will make it possible to revive a character automatically after the selected time interval without the need to send the command signal by a remote or a first aid kit. Besides, the code of the firmware has been additionally checked and the outdated and unneeded blocks have been removed, thus making its operation more stable.

Please note: when updating the firmware of generation 9 weapons, please update the firmware of headbands to the latest version, which can be found on our website, for they have updated algorithms for a Bluetooth module.

When updating the firmware of generation 8 tagers, you do not need to update the firmware of your headbands.

You can download the updated firmware versions 8.01.71 and 9.02.57 here. They come in English and Russian.