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ALICE by LASERWAR. Two is better than one

LASERWAR are happy to introduce a new ALICE load bearing system that combines the lightness of a laser tag vest and the functionality of a tactical vest. The even distribution of defeat sensors, the reliable system of fastenings and size adjustment and the possibility to load the vest make the ALICE one of the most practical next generation devices by LASERWAR.


laser tag vest

ALICE is a load bearing system made from fabric and fitted with defeat sensors with 2 control units. The control units are at the back section of the vest so they do not interfere with player’s maneuvers in any way. The 8 defeat sensors can be roughly divided into 3 zones: the back, the shoulder and the front zone. We evenly distributed them over the vest surface so as to ensure maximum hits detection. Thus, even a player shooting from around a corner can be defeated by a rival. The sensors are distributed over the surface of the vest in a way that ensures that there are always ‘open’ sensors that are not hidden by weapons or hands.

The weight of the vest is 956 grams. The li-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah provides up to 36 hours of continuous operation of the play gear. It is located inside one of the control units. The function of the second unit is the activation of the play equipment. The vest can be turned on by means of an advance security key.

laser tag vest

We have implemented a reliable MOLLE system in the vest construction which has proved itself over time. The strong nylon bands sewn onto the vest form cells. They will easily accommodate items and devices with different functions: cases, cartridge pouches, grenades, a torch and even a laser tag knife.

The vest has a waist band which, besides its main function, supports a player’s back, thus decreasing load impact. There are 2 Fastex fastenings at the chest and at the waist. The shoulder straps are very comfortable, too. They are secured around one’s arm by Velcro, meaning that the construction will fit any size. The vest is constructed in such a way that a player will be able to both put it on and take it off by himself and will not have to seek help of other players or the instructor. The vest has a hygienic Air Mesh lining that protects electronic elements against humidity. 2 pairs of adjustment belts allow altering the distance between the main section of the vest and the lower back support to fit a player’s height. Besides, the vest is fitted with black elastic bands into which you can tuck loose ends of adjustment belts.  


This vest model is based on the 8th generation. Very soon, a 9th platform ALICE will be released. The vest can be worn either with a headband or on its own. Here we present several algorithms of play sets and vests activation.

‘Vest – Rifle’ connection algorithm

1.Turn on the rifle.

2.Turn on the vest.

3.Wait for connection (the device will produce a sound signal accompanied by light and vibro indication).

4.Activate the gear with a remote or a first aid kit.

‘Headband – Vest – Rifle’ connection algorithm

1.Turn on the rifle.

2.Turn on the vest.

3.Turn on the headband.

4.Wait for connection.

5. Activate the play set with a remote or a first aid kit.

‘Vest – Rifle – Rifle’ connection algorithm

1.Turn on the first rifle.

2.Turn on the vest.

3.Wait for connection.

4.Turn on the second rifle.

5.Wait until the connection between the second rifle and the vest has been established (the vibro indication will go off after a short signal).

6. Activate the play set with a remote or a first aid kit.

‘Headband – Vest – Rifle – Rifle’ connection algorithm

1.Turn on the rifle.

2.Turn on the vest.

3.Turn on the first switch on the headband.

4.Wait for connection.

5.Turn on the second rifle.

6. Turn on the second switch on the headband.

7. Wait for connection (single sound or vibro indication on the headband).

8. Activate the play set with a remote or a first aid kit.

While working on the ALICE vest project, LASERWAR designers considered all the possible difficulties that might happen during a laser tag game, while our production unit team, in turn, saw to the quality of the seams and the reliability of the whole system. We always strive to make certain that our clients are comfortable and happy.


All ALICE vests have successfully passed testing, which proves that they are in superb technical state. We have by now produced the first lot to a special advance order placed by Irbis, a company that produces and sells firetag equipment. Dear laser tag lovers, you can buy this item from LASERWAR online store. Order ALICE vests at a tempting price – 470 dollarsselect the color that appeals to you and enjoy their advantages at a laser tag battle.

Please follow safety rules! This game set is forbidden to wash.