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Competitive advantages

Sooner or later, every customer has to face the problem of selecting a reliable laser tag equipment supplier. Here, one has to consider many aspects, even those that do not seem obvious at first but become fundamental during long-term cooperation. LASERWAR is a majour equipment manufacturer. We strive to come up to the expectations of thousands of players all over the world by meeting the high demands placed on laser tag products. The following factors help us meet the high standards:


All LASERWAR products pass CE and GOST certification. Our play sets are delivered to 60 countries without imposed bans or delays. Each detail of a laser tag blaster passes testing on special stands. Our blasters pass serious checks in rain and fridge chambers. The electronic components are added to the circuit board by means of an Assembleon automatic machine. SMD parts are welded in ERSA convection ovens. After that, integrated circuits are molded and special coating that protects against humidity is applied. In this way, we excluded any possibility of human error. The consumer receives a final product that is tried and tested, reliable and meets international standards criteria. We guarantee exceptional quality of our equipment to our customers.


In our blasters, we use the scopes produced by our company. The electronic components and the lens are fitted inside a special tube. Its design is identical to that of combat silencers. The design of the tubes matches the overall look of the blasters and brings out the authenticity in laser tag models. The specially designed surface and the stylish colour of the tubes have long become a special feature of LASERWAR.

The special crisscross backlight of the shot imitates the ignition of a real shot. The firing range of laser tag models reaches 600 metres.

Our scopes pass multiple comprehensive testing. We have been awarded IEC/EN 62471 international certificate. Our scopes pass biological safety tests. On the basis of photometric and radiometric characteristics protocol, our equipment has been recognized as safe for using during laser tag games.


We do not just make blatant statements about reliability of our products – we supply them with a guarantee, with a maximum period reaching 24 months. We haven’t stopped here, though. We have developed a special modernization program, which now makes it possible to update all our play sets to the latest version.

Our customers can now contact us on e-mails, by phone or Skype. The customer support service is always available for our clients, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction and fast order processing. We strive to work efficiently, and this adds to our advantages.

We have a vast network of service centres all over the world. So, you will not need to send your blasters to our company in order to have them updated or repaired. Find out if there is our partner in your city or country that provides technical support services. You can rely on LASERWAR guarantee.


The products range of our company is immense. Our specialists draw their inspiration from replicas of combat weapons, air rifles, airsoft guns. We keep updating our products range by adding new things to it.

The special equipment section will help you vary your game. Laser tag has long ceased being plain crossfire. Tactics are accompanied by precise shooting, thought out strategies lead to victory.

Our qualified managers will help you make your choice based on your requirements. Professional equipment sets will save you a lot of time on opening a laser tag club.


LASERWAR defeat sensors support multiple zone and background light functions.

The multiple zone function means division into sections. Each defeat sensor is fitted with a vibration motor. When a player is shot, only the sensors that have received the infrared impulse will be activated. It will immediately become clear for laser tag fighters where shooting comes from, so they will be able act accordingly.

Background light. Duct tape and coloured adhesive tape are commonly used for telling apart players from various teams. Yet our technology makes such accessories unnecessary.

The colour of LASERWAR defeat sensors depends on the colour of a player’s team. It can be changed and its brightness level adjusted when required. The headband and the vest will not give out the location of a player if the lowest brightness level is selected. In the dark, the maximum brightness level will make players more visible.

Laser tag is a computerized game. There will be no arguments as to whether someone has been shot or wounded, no controversial moments, for electronics makes no mistakes.

All defeat sensors are fitted with lithium-ion accumulators. The average performance time is 48 hours. Our headbands are easy to put on and are comfortable to wear. The special military style fabric and hygienic cuffs have been designed for players’ comfort.

There are no “dead zones” on LASERWAR vests – all the hits are registered. The bright LEDs and the light weight make our equipment stand out from the equipment by other producers. Is it our advantage? Certainly, yes!


In LASERWAR, we supply software free of charge. Our software helps quickly change game settings on a PC, as well as on a tablet. Statistic data downloading is supported, making it possible for a user to share it in most networks.

Our software is supported by Facebook – world’s largest social network. It unites clients all over the world. We closely interact with every player, quickly respond to all the requirements to make changes to the software.

Every day our specialists develop new firmware, update configurator versions, design applications in order to make it easy for anyone to set up and change the parameters.


Laser tag is a military sports game with various scenarios. We have created several game versions. There is roles differentiation in each version.

There are snipers, machine gunners, scouts, storm troopers in laser tag. Each group performs certain functions, and there are particular settings for each group. The additional LASERWAR equipment can be used to capture devices, control the area, set up bombs, trip wires and throw grenades.

Speaking about the CYBERTAG project, we do not place any limits on a user at all. Our programmers made it possible for the user to create any game version of their choice.

The convenient interface of CYBERTAG configurator and the clear structure of its elements makes it easy to set up absolutely anything: damage from hits, LEDs flickering frequency, players’ rating change, etc.

Have you been looking for a profitable business niche? LASERWAR equipment is a great choice.


A multilevel player notification system is used in LASERWAR play sets. Its features include vibration indication, high quality sound effects in weapons, SMART RGB headband signals. All the sound effects are easy to reset by means of the LASERWAR configurator. Create your own presets, personalize the weapons – and the sound of your blaster will be remembered by your rival forever. Our equipment has 61 sound effects. This figure is way higher than that in play sets produced by any other company.


Instead of the bulky lead-acid accumulators, we use lithium-ion power sources in LASERWAR equipment. Therefore, same charging devices can be used for all our play sets. There is no confusion as to where to plug a charger in.

Besides, we have created our own chargers, which can be used to charge 6 – 8 pieces of equipment simultaneously. Safety timer, cast jack, high quality microcircuit – these are the features that characterize the new standard of the charges used in laser tag. By helping our customers save their time on routine elements, we show how much we care for them.


Absolutely all our play sets have Bluetooth connection. Our company opted to go wire free. We support a comfortable game process. Yet Bluetooth is not all about comfort. Low capacity receiving sensors are absolutely safe for human health.

 The ISM Bluetooth frequency range is also commonly used in various domestic appliances and wireless networks (2.4 – 2.4835 GHz license free frequency range).

Besides, the Bluetooth technology is the manufacturing standard both for producers and consumers.


Some of our play sets are fitted with bright OLED displays. The anti-glare feature, high contrast and clarity levels guarantee a comfortable game in the day time or night time. The self-lighting pixels have been made from organic LEDs that produce rich vibrant colours, while consuming little energy. The OLED display can be used at a temperature of -40 to +60 Со.


Our equipment is used at most prominent events. Year after year, we have been helping to hold and cover the May maneuvers. Players from different countries take part in it. In this large-scale event, compromise is out of the question – every player tests his ability, endurance, and will to succeed.

Our company supports professional development, too. We give information about tournaments at which top laser tag teams participate. The Open LASERWAR Cup has become more popular. This tournament is known for its strict rules, honest judgement and well-balanced play fields. As well as by the generous awards from the producer.

Our play sets passed testing during important events. If you need reliable equipment, we will be happy to supply you with it for your tournament.


We supply marketing materials to new businesses. Our clients save on designer and marketing agency services. All the materials come in a uniform style and can be used for designing business cards, leaflets, banners and posters. We save your money and time. We want every rental club owner to concentrate on the game and on scenarios creation.

We have established our own LASERWAR Business School. In our webinars, we give information about the difficulties that a beginning businessman faces. We give advice on the ways of dealing with such problems and share the experience of successful clubs. When you purchase our equipment, we send LASERWAR Business School videos free of charge. Therefore, together with the equipment, you will get a huge knowledge bank, which took us years to build.


LASERWAR laser tag equipment is used in over 1000 clubs all over the world: Canada, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, etc. On our Clients Map, we pinpoint cities and countries where LASERWAR laser tag equipment is used.    

Still don’t know whom to select as your business partner? For great many people this has long become a matter of the past.

While making your choice, pay particular attention to details. We approach the products we make with a great deal of responsibility, for we know that it is the details that form the general impression about a product. We really hope that you care for your laser tag business and will make the right choice. In our turn, we will do our best to come up to your expectations.