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MP-532 Rifle

A new mid-range rifle has been added to the line of 2.0 laser biathlon. Based on the Baikal MP-532 sports pneumatic rifle, it has preserved the weight and dimensions of a biathlon rifle, meaning that it can be effectively used for training, while being more affordable.

Compared to the older model based on the BI-7-5, it has a simplified reloading process. The rifle is turned on by means of a button on the right-hand side of the wooden stock. It can be reloaded by means of a button conveniently placed for a left hand. The weapon turning on and reloading time roughly corresponds to the time of handloading of a BI-7-5.

laser biathlon rifle

The gun is fitted with a ghost ring and an adjustable dioptre sight.

laser biathlon rifle

The stock comes with an adjustable rubberized shoulder pad that allows to regulate the rifle to fit the individual needs of a sportsman. The cheek pad of the stock is non-adjustable. The grip is very comfortable.

laser biathlon rifle

The rifle has borrowed the optical system, the electronics and all the functions of the laser BI-7-5. The shooting adjustment mode has been realized in it, too. To enter the mode, push and hold the reload button, turn the rifle on and pull the trigger three times. Upon that, the laser emitter will enter the automatic fire mode to enable the shooter to adjust the sight. If you click on the reload button three times more, you will enter the settings mode. In this mode, you can select the number of additional cartridges, of magazines, the type of reloading and sound effects. You can switch between the available options by pressing the reload button and confirm your selection by pulling the trigger.

laser biathlon rifle

The rifle is fed by the lithium accumulator. Any 5B device with a mini USB input can be used for charging the rifle. The charger input is on the left-hand side of the stock.


A standard biathlon target of the biathlon 2.0 version comes with the MP-532 rifle set.

laser target

Cost and market launch

In an attempt to make our equipment more affordable for even greater number of sports clubs and groups, we have created the laser biathlon 2.0 Light. By using our equipment, you can lower the minimum age of young sportsmen and prepare them more effectively for real competitions.

You can purchase the biathlon 2.0 Light set right now from our online store. The complete set consists of a target, a rifle, stands and a charger.

The Laser biathlon 2.0 Light set will only cost you 70 000 roubles. It consists of a 59 000 rouble MP-532 laser rifle and an 11 000 rouble target.