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Laser tag in most populous cities: a million-dollar business or an extravagant hobby?
Despite the fact that laser tag has been steadily gaining popularity in Russia, it is still considered a relatively new type of business.
Laser tag vs. airsoft
We are happy to present you an article in which we compared laser tag and airsoft. It has been written by a person who knows a lot about recreational activities
Indoor laser tag – soon in your city!
If you like to make the most of your time off, then you must have played a game of laser tag at least once. It is ranked high among other tactical games
Back off — women fighting!
Why do few women play laser tag? – this thought sprang to our mind one day.
Can kids join the game?
Nearly 50% of all phone inquiries that we receive at our club start with the question: “Can kids join the game?” The answer is “Yes”!
Laser tag vs. paintball
We would like to present your attention an article written by a person who is no stranger to laser tag and paintball – Vladimir Zamotin.
May maneuvers chronology. How good habits turn into traditions
It’s no secret that May maneuvers is an annually held festival that brings together hundreds of people who love and respect tactical games.
Laser tag: greater speed, range and precision
How many contemporary tactical games do you know? Let’s count together: paintball, airsoft, hardball and laser tag.
Types of laser tag
Indoor laser tag is a system that is used on a specially equipped arena.
Play at pleasure, talk by measure
Originally “cosplay” (a contraction of the words “costume play”), is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers.
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