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Team Deathmatch: laser tag scenario

One of the most common scenarios. The players are divided into two teams, each team's task is to find and destroy the enemy squad. The rounds are short.

Here are some general rules.

1. The killed player should wait for the end of the round at a place agreed in advance. 2. The players that dropped out of the game may not communicate with the rest of the players, including representatives of the opposing team.

The winner is the team that was able to eliminate all opponents within a set time. If there are survivors in each team at the end of playing time, the instructor gives the whistle. After that one minute is left until the end of the fight, after which the leader will be determined. The winner is the team in which more players have survived.

There is a possibility of a scenario with reviving players, then you will need a revival point.

Scenario equipment:

Command post
Smart first aid kit 2.0