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LLC LASERWAR maintenance support

This warrantee covers the laser tag equipment produced and delivered by LLC LASERWAR. The warrantee period has been specified in the Product certificate.

If troubleshooting has not been successful, fill out the warrantee claim form in a doc. format and send it to our email or


Download warranty claim form in MS Word (.doc)


In your claim, state your fault details. Make sure that you leave your contact details: forename, middle name (if applicable) and surname, mobile number, full address (with postcode).

Please note that you must include a copy of maintenance request in the package together with the equipment that you send!

You must acknowledge these simple rules when you buy laser tag equipment:

  1. Within the whole warrantee period, the customer is entitled to use the maintenance warrantee to have their equipment repaired at LLC LASERWAR in Smolensk. The customer must cover delivery costs and pay for all the extra parts that are required for the equipment repair.
  2. If the equipment fails out of a production defect within a week after it has been received by the customer, the producer will repair it free of charge. The producer will also cover the delivery costs.
  3. Before you start using the equipment, read the instruction on our website – download the instruction. When you buy the laser tag set, remember to read the Product certificate, ensure there are no missing items in you package and that your blasters are in good working order: turn them on, fire, reload, etc. Should there be any production defect, you will be able to find it within a week of product use.
  4. The producer guarantees that the laser tag play set is in good working order and conforms to all the set out technical and tactical parameters when properly used.
  5. Should the equipment fail out of the customer’s fault (physical damage, improper use, such as using it in the rain, or in case snow or humidity gets onto the circuit board), the customer will still have it repaired, although he will have to pay for any extra materials and cover the delivery costs.
  6. The extra materials not covered by the warrantee include buttons, cables, micro switches, infrared diodes, accumulators. The warrantee does not cover any physical damage done to the device.
  7. Should you encounter any problems, contact our company specialists right away. Technical support department will help you find the cause of the fault during a consultation on Skype, by phone or email. The technical support will advise you on troubleshooting or will find the cause of the fault and will ask you to fill out the warrantee request form. Our company offers various educational guidance notes, materials and video that will aid a client in learning how to do basic repair and maintenance on one’s own. For example, twisted cable replacement (in case of its breakage), button replacement or other small faults take seconds to be sorted. If there is anything you are not sure about, consult our company specialists.

Most of the laser tag equipment is produced by outsourced manufacturers (Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, LLC Molot-Firearms, etc.). The warrantee does not cover these blasters, except our unique models of the Destroyer, ERASER, AK-12LT range. Any physical damage done to the blasters, scratches on the blasters coating that appear during usage are not covered by the warrantee.

  1. Any equipment covered by the warrantee that we receive will not just be repaired, but also modernized: we will replace the cables and do its comprehensive examination whenever required. This will be done at extra cost. Below, you will find the prices for full modernization of laser tag equipment, which may even include an upgrade to the new circuit boards. The cost of modernization will normally make up 50% of the cost of the electronic components, so it will basically equal the production cost.

Our aim is to supply you with the equipment that will function non-stop even in harsh conditions.

• we respect our customers and aim to solve any issues that arise as soon we can; • we keep improving the construction of laser tag equipment; • upon request, we will send electronics repair diagrams, which have not been added either on the website or on the disc, due to the fact that this information is confidential.

The repair kit will be supplied free of charge. It will include a set of parts that will be required for maintenance. We are always happy to help sort any technical problems or give advice on troubleshooting.