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Software developers and engineers, designers and testers work every day on the technologies that later become the standard of laser tag industry.

LASERWAR engineers design and develop the hardware. Software developers write the code. The result of their work is straightforward software.

We attend to the form as well as to the purpose. Designers create user-friendly interface. It lacks unessential elements, it is simple and clear. Even a child will manage to set up a blaster thanks to the flexible system of presets.

Laser tag configurator is compatible with Windows and Android. The Windows version has been designed for detailed configuration of laser tag equipment on a desktop PC. The purpose of the Android version of the software is to quickly configure the laser tag equipment during a game. Cables, jacks and schemes are a thing of the past. All you need is an android tablet and a little time for quick configuration.

The configurators generate a PDF report, which can be printed out or posted on Facebook.

You can download and try out the software for either platform in this section of the website.