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Laserwar. 9th anniversary. It's just the beginning

Not long ago the company celebrated its ninth birthday. Although one might not call it an anniversary, it's a good occasion to look back in LASERWAR short history and draw subtotals.

LASERWAR originated in 2008. Since that the company has turned from a small startup into a modern, creative, progressive firm which has not only developed and actively used self-elaborated technology, but as well offered business models to other companies. LASERWAR managed to create such innovating things which laser tag and players have been actually longing for.

LLC LASERWAR is rapidly progressing on several fronts. 3 years ago it designed a unique play model — AK-12 LT Predator PRO — and has been manufacturing it using a special thermoplastic automatic machine. 2 years ago the company compiled from scratch and potented its own new brand — CYBERTAG — game sets and additional devices for playing indoor laser tag.

Since that time LASERWAR industrial area has become thrice as much, workers amount has grown 10 times and sales has risen 15 times after releasing of unique play models such as AK-12 LT Predator PRO, MP-9 LT Phoenix and Krechet.

It goes without saying LASERWAR is one of the most client-oriented companies on the laser tag market, which provides online technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A great deal of rent laser tag clubs which started their business using LASERWAR equipment now have turned into a large companies that occupy a stable position on the market and possess well-equipped grounds and rooms.

In this essay we would like to narrate about the past, present and future of LASERWAR company.



During 9 years a group of young hopeful single-minded and purposeful people has formed. They are united by the notion 'laser tag' and can't imagine their lives without it.

There is a whole product line consisting of more than 100 different units — unique generation of devices. They are sold all over the world. This fact confirms their premium quality and strong demand for them among laser tag players. LASERWAR laser tag weapons, defeat sensors and additional devices meet the demands and satisfy most daring wishes of both individual players and rent clubs. LASERWAR company sponsored such large events as 'May Lasertag Tournament', 'Fight of Heroes' and sports laser tag competions.

The company specialists managed to invent such benchmarks of industry as certified optics system, feedback / recoil effect and the largest set of sounds. The latter includes 1000+ soundtracks and background voices. LASERWAR was the first to apply polymeric stuff in the optics system.

LASERWAR has not just retained its positions on the laser tag market, but also become a mature competitive fellowship due to the stable and dedicated work of all the specialists and well-thought-out approach of the chief executive officers. LASERWAR has focused on new technology, manufacturing area and skilled and expert headcount.

Under conditions of strong market competition LASERWAR company could always stay independent and unique due to its integrity, uprightness and ability of being open to customers. Such social networks as VК and Facebook give opportunity to gather bountied and gifted club heads and successful players around laser tag and LASERWAR in particular. It's a great victory for us that leading high tech products, high quality service and most liberal prices for the equipment are unmistakably related to LASERWAR brand in clients' mind.


At present LASERWAR is intensively struggling for its place on the international laser tag market, selling the equipment in 79 countries of the world. Every year the company takes part in foreign international exhibitions. It provides financial potential growth, helps to establish business contacts, make more people involved in the sphere of laser tag and expand LASERWAR customer base. All our clients have access to any equipment units. They are available for ordering in LASERWAR online shop.

LASERWAR owns a business school and a youtube channel where the specialists share their experience and give advice how to build up laser tag business, make rent clubs more profitable and efficient and highlight other necessary points. Thus our customers have got the widest possible feedback from the company.

LASERWAR announced such a large-scale offers as «Trade-in» and «Global modernization» which help idividual users and rent club owners to be at the technological cutting edge, stay tuned for the upgrades and at the same time not to pay extra for all that. This is one more proof of LASERWAR flexible and positive approach towards its users.

Every year LLC Lasertag voluntarily certifies the equipment produced. More than that, LASERWAR is the only company which has been examined and undergone an expert assessment according to the established Unified Sanitary Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements. Prism hybrid optics was first certified after the eхamination had been carried. LASERWAR optics system confirmed completely eye-safe.

At present LASERWAR engineers are elaborating new technological platforms, that are considered to become new industry's pacesetters on the laser tag market. A design project of an engineering department and a warehouse is being made.


Despite the high industrial, commercial and marketing activity LASERWAR is not going to stop on what it has already achieved and rest on its laurels.

One of LASERWAR core aims is to show up new progressive technologies on the market that will turn the notion 'laser tag' upside down and change everybody's attitude towards the game on the whole. In every corner of the world people would talk about laser tag and feel positive about it, of cause relating it to LASERWAR brand. Yes, we dare hope this very brand would become a shining star of the world laser tag community

We plan to construct an inner ecosystem for the workers and own infrastructure: medical insurance, social support and preferential terms for 'old company residents'.

Engineering and design departments are working now on a joint draft: beside the production area catering facilities, a swimming pool, a gym and a sports ground will be build.

The company will pay great attention to the dealders and services abroad. Like any worldwide brand LASERWAR is planning to make its core point — laser tag game — most popular. We are eager to open several company tactical centers in the majority of countries in the nearest future in order to develop military and patriotic trend in the upbringing of children and young people and to hold and conduct international laser tag championships using our own equipment.

Technical support available 24 hours 7 days a week without days off and holidays — we dare hope that soon LASERWAR like any huge corporations will be able to provide such like service.

And one more, perhaps most daring and courageous, LASERWAR wish is to be included in TOP 100 best trademarks of the world. Why not?

Driving to the conclusion we'd like to remind you about the promises we gave. All of them are delivered! Everybody'll agree to this, the main streams of the company's performance are concluded in its title. So have a look at LASERWAR abbreviation:


L — Liability

A — Ambitiousness

S — Strength

E — Effectiveness

R — Reasonability

W — Warranty of quality

A — Achievements

R — Reliability

Long live dear LASERWAR! 9 years is just the beginning.