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Guerrilla marketing in present-day conditions - offline and online
Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, we will not disclose all the secrets of guerrilla marketing. Our objective is to remind you about the triggers and instruments that help laser tag clubs
Target audience
What is the starting point of any business? It’s the client. Do you know already who will need your services? Let’s find out! Target audience is a group of users at whom
Personal growth tips and programme for a year
What should you start with to succeed in your personal development? What problems are likely to occur during professional and personal growth? What constituents shape a successful person
How to raise prices and keep clients
If you wonder how to raise prices on services but feel apprehensive that this will make some of your clients leave, then let’s look more closely into the matter and change your stand.
Laser tag start-up
A start-up for a beginner entrepreneur that has been proved successful by thousands of Russian clubs, or from partisans into the mainstream.
3 tips for running a successful business
We are constantly seeking advice on running business from successful entrepreneurs that gained world recognition and build big companies.
Sources of extra income
A company may increase the number of extra income sources in any of the following ways: by increasing products assortment, carving out an untapped niche, entering price war or
How to build wealth: 5 principles by Andrew Carnegie
Thanks to his contributions to the advancement of science, astrophysics, biology and engineering, Andrew Carnegie earned the name ‘a businessman of the future’.
Autumn and winter marketing ideas
What attracts clients during the cold season? What marketing ideas are especially effective in autumn and winter?
The principles of trust-based selling that will make your customers come back and recommend you
Trust-based selling is based on a disposition of a potential client to trust you, your product and your company.
18 ways to attract new customers
Attracting customers is probably the most important element of any businessperson’s activity.  An individual approach will help quickly gain clients’ trust and loyalty.
Enterprise rationalization. Important steps
Strategic planning is an important element of the process of enterprise governance. It can increase overall performance effectiveness.
The stumbling blocks to success
Robyn Sharma is one of the most prominent specialists in motivation, leadership and personal development in North America.
What is guerrilla marketing?
Guerrilla marketing is frequently called a ‘low budget marketing strategy’. At the same time, it is directed at a particular audience, meaning that it is exceptionally effective.
laser tag games. In search of a polygon
After you have purchased your laser tag equipment, the next question you should ask yourself is: where to play? In this article, you will find a few useful pieces of advice
Building a laser tag playground
A standard laser tag club without laser tag playgrounds (polygons) is unthinkable. In this article, we tried to focus on the subject of building playgrounds.
Main laser tag business mistakes
Owing a business requires attention and exceptional concentration from the entrepreneur during all the stages of its formation and development.