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Competitive advantages

Buying laser tag equipment is a responsible step. You make a long-term investment and should choose the best. LASERWAR is the industry leader among all laser tag manufacturers, and thousands of clubs around the world have made this choice. We do not just produce everything ourselves. We create innovations that no one else on the market has, and we design laser tag the way it has never been before. The cutting-edge technologies, device user-friendliness, consistent quality and maintaining of reasonable prices — all these are the principles by which our models become classic ones, and development — industry standard. What is the key to our advantages and what do you get by buying LASERWAR equipment today?

Equipment for any requirements

We produce the equipment for real professionals of their craft — professional players and professional businessmen who know how to count money. For them we provide the widest range, freedom in business and freedom in the game. The LASERWAR product line includes more than 130 models and is regularly updated. You will find both biathlon rifles indistinguishable from real ones and futuristic taggers for the CYBERTAG arena. Special pride of our engineers is the unique models, such as bestsellers MP9-LT «Phoenix» and AK12-LT «Predator», which we have created specifically for rental clubs. Each device from a headband to a machine gun is thought out at the highest level and is designed according players requirements, and its quality is confirmed with safety certificates.

10 years on the market

We have come a long way and know the needs of the players like no other. Ten years we have been creating and debugging our production, the multipurpose configurator and the single game platform, which is ahead of everything that was created in the history of laser tag development. The equipment has passed through 10 generations of modernization and is compatible with international standards. However, our work on technology improvement never ends. It is equally important to us that over the years we have earned the trust of customers and partners.

The Tenth generation of electronics

Our latest and long-awaited development, the tenth generation of laser tag equipment, X-GEN is designed to introduce the latest technologies into the game. A compact Bluetooth + Wi-Fi communication module and a new configurator will provide receiving of online statistics. All your outcomes on the results of the games will be stored in a single network LASERWAR Online with a common map, game announcements, leaderboards of players and clubs that can compete globally.

Worldwide recognition

Our equipment is exported to 72 countries and used in more than 2500 clubs in Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad. You can find LASERWAR weapons in various parts of the world, and no major international exhibition in the field of entertainment passes without our presence. More than 24 000 customers have already chosen us. Their number is constantly on the rise, and wishes become a guideline in new projects. We strive to build a long and fruitful relationship with each client, that is why a vast number of customers order equipment only from us.

Revolutionary optics

Moreover, that is not all that the «ten» can boast of. The new generation brings to market the most accurate hybrid optics, surpassing any counterparts. The «Parallax» system outshines the already familiar «Prism» with a distance range of up to 400 meters and a radical reduction of the defeat area by 2–3 times. Now hitting the target requires sharply honed skills. It is based on the appearance of flame arresters, so your laser tag weapon will be almost impossible to distinguish from the real sample.

Complete production cycle

We control all stages of equipment development, from concept and assembly to final testing. Thanks to this system, we have achieved the best value for money, for example, with the ideal for renting «Phoenix» for only $ 272, easily identify a reject in the early stages and do not allow it to reach the customer. Not just a team of engineers is engaged in design, but a real design-engineering department with key experts who use 3D printing technologies for prototyping. Only strong and experienced programmers, designers and engineers, who are attracted by the opportunity to implement complex and innovative ideas, work on LASERWAR projects.

Outstanding design

Our game kits are as close to real prototypes as possible. Design creation goes through several stages, during which we pay attention to every detail. Ergonomics, durability and flawless electronics integration — this is how we achieve the feeling of pleasure to hold the weapon in your hands, and getting a new set is perceived as a holiday. If you like maximum authenticity, your choice is the metal cases of the famous STEEL series, which impress players so much.

Service & technical supports

Speaking of reliability, we mean the comfort of customers and the quality they receive. LASERWAR provides a maximum warranty of 24 months. We have more than 50 service centers in Russia and abroad, and technical support will answer you even on weekends. We give a gift with purchase of every 5 sets, offer Trade-in and modernization programs, while the prices are always kept reasonable. We start shipping the goods immediately after your payment confirmation and arrange delivery with reliable transport companies.

Everything for your business

Especially for entrepreneurs, we have developed ready-made bundles for opening own laser tag club — an exciting and understandable business, where you can start with a minimum investment of $3957. LASERWAR partners are successful entrepreneurs whose clubs have become large and profitable enterprises. We offer a proven development strategy, 2.5 GB of free marketing materials and support, analysis of the city and assistance in the construction of the playground. Take advantage of our extensive Business High School Knowledge base and community help.

Major laser tag events

LASERWAR organizes the world’s largest laser tag event — the International laser tag tournament. Three-day competitions with large-scale plot games and lots of entertainment since 2012 have been giving unforgettable emotions and allowing players to prove themselves in a fair fight. With us, all fans of team games can become part of a live community and an army of like-minded people.

Do not doubt that the decision to become our partner will bear fruit for your business and gaming experience more than once. When you work with a leader, you get a guarantee of flawless execution. You will make the most profitable decision, and the huge popularity of our brand confirms this.