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Return policy

1. In accordance with paragraph 4. art. 26.1. Russian Law No. 2300-I "on consumer protection", the buyer is free to refuse odered goods at any time before the order is executed.

2. The buyer is not entitled to refuse a paid order (or part of it) of an appropriate quality with individual properties.

3. If the seller delivered an order of an inadequate quality, the buyer undertakes to send the goods to the seller's office as soon as possible in order to verify the goods quality.

4. In accordance with art. 22 of Russian Law No. 2300-I, "on consumer protection", the amount of money paid by the buyer for the goods of inadequate quality shall be returned to the buyer within 10 calendar days of the submission of the relevant claim. Refound is made in cash in the seller's office, in the event of a paid delivery, the money for the paid delivery is not returned. In the case when the goods have been paid for through the electronic payment system, the refund shall be made to the buyer's electronic account within 5 working days.

5. The return of the goods is made on the basis of a written appeal from the buyer to the seller's outlet.

6. The return of goods of good quality shall be at the expense of the buyer and is organized by him.

7. The return of goods takes place during working days from 10-00 to 17-00 at the seller's outlet.

8. When the buyer returns goods of good quality, an invoice or an act of return of the goods is made stating:

The seller's full brand name;

The buyer's name, surname, patronymic and passport information;

Product Name

Reason for return of goods;

The date the item was transferred

The amount to be returned

The buyer and seller's signatures

9. The return of the goods value shall be effected within 10 (ten) days from the date of the buyer's provision of the claim.

10. In order to return money to a bank card, the customer must complete a "refund statement", which is sent at the company's request to the customer's email address. The customer should should send the statement and copies of the passport to the following adress: Smolensk City, Popova street, Apt. 40/2. The refund will be made to the customer's bank account specified in the statement within 10 (10) business days from the date of receipt of the money refund statement by the company.

In order to return the money that is incorrectly deposited into the company's operating account through payment systems, the customer must make a written statement. He must also has an identity card copy and copies of cheques/receipts that confirm the incorrect money depositing. This statement should be sent to: Smolensk City, Popova street, Apt. 40/2. Having received the written statement with copies of the passport and cheques/receipts, the company will return the money within ten (10) working days from the date of receipt of the statement. The money is sent to the customer's account specified in the statement. In this case, the refundable amount will be equal to the order value.

The time of the statement consideration and the money return to the customer shall be calculated from the time the company obtains the statement. The time is calculated in working days without regard to holidays/weekends. If the company received the statement after 6 p.m. or on a red-letter day/on holidays, the date on which the company received the statement is considered to be the next working day.

The buyer should give the seller the demand for the return of the goods in writing to the address of Smolensk City, Popova street, Apt. 40/2. or via email: A demand may be made in a free form, with a mandatory indication of the buyer's contact information that matches the information specified in the order, the name of the item to be returned and the reasons for the return. The buyer has the right to ask the seller all the questions concerning the matter using the telephone number: 8-800-555-95-90.