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The presentation of the LASERWAR 10th generation. The date has been set!

Not long ago we have announced a large-scale presentation of the 10th generation of LASERWAR equipment. While you were in eager anticipation of details, we were exploring the options of the event organization, picking time and place, evaluating the expected number of guests. Now we are finally ready to reveal the definite date.

The presentation of the X-GEN 10th generation of laser tag equipment is going to be held on Sunday, October 28.

At 6 p.m. we expect our guests at Gagarin SPACE cultural and entertainment center at 124, Yaroslavskoe route, Moscow. The meeting will take place at spacious Gagarin Hall, which was specifically created for holding big events.

And LASERWAR presentation is going to be truly breathtaking. This is a historical milestone for our company. In the year of its 10th anniversary for the first time LASERWAR will bring under one roof many laser tag lovers from all corners of Russia and other countries.

The meeting place was not chosen just by chance. The name of the first Earth`s astronaut Yuri Gagarin is known all over the globe. For us, Yuri Alekseyevich is also a great fellow countryman, a man who glorified a land of Smolensk with his feat. We are admired and inspired by the professionalism and outstanding personal qualities of the space pioneer.

The aspiration to be the first, to discover the new and implement state-of-the-art technologies is something that unites us with space explorers. And the upcoming presentation is like a first space flight for our company: we know that it will be exciting and challenging. But we know for sure – together we will witness a breakthrough in the laser tag world.

We recall that presentation participants will be the first to learn about all the advantages of «The Ten». LASERWAR specialists will round up the abilities of the new innovative laser tag configurator and demonstrate advanced game devices in action.

Our partners know that we love to share gifts and do it with pleasure. This time it also won`t go without presents and surprises. The event will conclude with the raffle of valuable prizes, winners of which will become owners of LASERWAR equipment.

The presentation itself will be held in Russian language only. But don`t worry, we got you! We are preparing a huge bunch of reports from the show. Catch up and don`t miss the full scoop on the hands-on impressions!