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May Maneuvers 2019: how it was

Friends, the long-awaited May Maneuvers video is ready. If you missed this event, you can now "visit" the Gusino training ground for a few moments.

The International Laser Tag Festival is held with the full support of LASERWAR for the second time. For us, this is a fundamental event, which requires a lot of efforts for the company. The Maneuvers have their own traditions, culture and community. We are glad that we can gather wartime sports fans not only from different cities, but even from different countries. We are pleased that all this time you have been with us, that over the years we have acquired not only new clients, but also real friends.

2019. 2 teams, 303 people, 5 days of the game, a hard struggle, hundreds of weapons and the victory of the North. May Maneuvers shouldn't be missed! We will be waiting for you next year.

In the meantime, let's put the video quality to the max and enjoy the event without further adieu. Thank you all for your participation and fighting spirit.

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