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May maneuvers 2019

01.05.2019 will be the official start of the international laser tag tournament OPEN LASERWAR CUP, in the festival program a lot of interesting and unique formats. Master classes from experts, obstacle course, laser tag shooting range, sports laser tag and performances of Sub Rosa street art theatre, presentation from LASERWAR. Performances of bards, a common fire - and hundreds of smiles of friends and colleagues from all over Russia and beyond... The website

The largest laser tag game. In 2018, more than 400 players participated in the "May maneuvers" at the same time. Complex tasks, close communication with the units of your team, tactics and strategy in one game. We came up with a storyline that will never be forgotten.

Military sports tournament with good prizes. Uncompromising struggle for every piece of game territory. Dynamic rounds and lightning-fast decisions — the team spirit and will to win always wins the tournament. For those who are not afraid of difficulties and focused on results.

Team competition in which help and mutual assistance are in the first place. Some stages you can not pass without the help of his team. Obstacles test your endurance and ability to overcome difficulties. A new kind of outdoor activity for those who are used to take everything from life.

For the most accurate, we will hold competitions in the dash. A real test for your eye. Here mistakes and misses are not forgiven — the maximum concentration is necessary at each shot. The most apt will be awarded with valuable prizes.

We have prepared an extensive entertainment and educational program for those who are not indifferent to military tactical games. Fireshow, master classes from real professionals and clear format of presentation. Come to us, it will be interesting and useful for any age.