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International laser tag festival 2019: where and when

The working week is coming to an end, and before the weekend we want to please all fans of laser tag with great news. We have set the dates of the international laser tag festival in 2019.
Yes, it is FESTIVAL. Summing up the results of the international laser tag tournament 2018, we reported that May maneuvers will acquire the official status of the international laser tag festival since 2019. It won`t be just a team competition, in the future Maneuvers will turn into a great event that can be visited by the whole family. In addition to the scenario game, we plan to introduce single and team quests, as well as organize an extensive entertainment program for the participants.
This is how we see the future of this landmark event for all laser tag fans. The first steps in the chosen direction have already been made.
So, we are ready to announce the dates of the festival next year. May Maneuvers 2019 will be held from 1 to 5 May at the playground in the village of Gusino, Smolensk region.
Guided by a well-known proverb, we started preparing for the 2019 festival this summer. The work goes on and never stops for a minute. Next year we want to maximize the potential of the Gusinsky range, which was appreciated by all participants of last year's tournament. Besides, we continue to work on new devices, think over the plan of the festival site and new scenarios of the game. Only the atmosphere of action will remain unchanged. Drive, bright emotions, meetings with old friends and new acquaintances – this is the reason why hundreds of players from all over Russia and from abroad annually come to take part in the tournament.
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