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LASERWAR gives away franchise for lasertag clubs
From August 1 to September 1, we will give a package of materials for creating and promoting a laser tag club for free. You just have to buy one of any 10 laser tag models
X-GEN firmware update
Another software update package is available for X-Generation-based equipment
LASERWAR-UI update. Version
A new version of the LASERWAR configurator is available in the Microsoft Store Online
PRO remote. Firmware update. Version 8.010.012
In the new firmware version "PRO remote" 8.010.012 the problem which occurred in the cloning mode when working with the 4-7 generation equipment was eliminated
Game set - new prices
As promised, we are adding new devices to the list of scenario game equipment
Special offer for dealers
Dear dealers and official LASERWAR representatives! The following information is for you
Sale of strikeball spare parts
We have opened a new section in our online store
New device for scenario games
The new stylish device for scenario games in the world of Fallout
M4 Cobra game set by LASERWAR
For lovers of hi-tech and futuristic devices, we present the M4 "COBRA" laser tag carbine from "ORIGINAL" series.
Laser tag vests with hygienic lining
The most popular models of vests are now available in a new, improved version
LASERWAR - new heights taken
Year after year, LASERWAR has taken on new heights with its impressive growth rates.
Meet Hornet!
One of the most anticipated laser tag devices has finally gone on sale!
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