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"Wild West" - a new electronic shooting range for children

Recently LASERWAR company has released an updated version of the "Wild West" electronic shooting range - an autonomous attraction with special innovative software. And it turned out to be more than just a simple shooting game. We have created a game set featuring amazing lighting and sound capacities, it's compatible with any tagger and can be installed either at home or in the open air.

Bright colorful interface, various scenarios, and user-friendly settings - all these features impressed adult players, and of course, the young audience couldn't stand on the sidelines. "Wild West" mobile laser tag shooting range has become a real entertainment for children who feel like cowboys when playing it.

Why is it useful?

First of all, our electronic shooting ranges for kids are safe attractions because the risk of damage or injury is excluded when children practice shooting with the "Wild West" game set. Besides, different scenarios help develop skills that are so important for young players:

– simultaneous shooting at multiple targets improves the speed of reaction and accuracy;

– a young player trains coordination of movement by performing simple actions needed for making a shot and hitting the target;

– children learn to focus attention because during the game they have to stay calm and focused on the target and movement;

– even one hour of playing with the laser tag shooting range has a positive effect on the child's eyesight, the shooting range is a good exercise for eyes as it develops the ability to change focus from far to near objects;

– shooting stance helps children develop a straight and slender posture; playing the "Wild West" game helps strengthen the abdominal muscles.

How to play?

The electronic shooting range is a mobile attraction, you can install it as an additional interactive game in your club or buy it for playing with your family and friends. The software offers seven exciting scenarios: Arcade shooting range, Training mode, Counter-Strike, Outpost, Moving target, Level up, and Color mixer.

"Wild West" game features an easy start so even a child can make out how to do it. Detailed instruction is already included in the application. You can buy an electronic shooting range for children in our online shop.

The set includes targets, a radio base module, a Hornet pistol, and control software that is free of charge. You decide for yourself how many targets you want to have - whether you'll stay satisfied with a minimum set of four targets or you'll play to the fullest with a maximum set of more than two hundred targets!