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Which laser tag club to open? Let's understand the types and features

The laser tag industry is developing every day. And this affects both the equipment and the business  model. Some people prefer military-tactical games, others adore the Star Wars universe, and others  simply play out  door games and make money. Which laser tag club should you choose? Let's find out in  our article.

Outdoor laser tag club

A modern classic for now. The outdoor laser tag club uses equipment that works great in field  conditions. Machine guns, assault rifles, submachine guns, grenades and simulators of explosive devices are just a partial list of gaming kits that you can find in an outdoor laser tag club.There are many ways of development here: you can organize a patriotic or sports section on the basis of  the club, you can turn the club into an entire military-tactical center, where there are courses in basic military training and medicine. Or you can add airsoft and paintball equipment here and thereby completely cover 100% of customer requests.

Indoor laser tag club

The future is here. Indoor laser tag is perfect for those who are admired by space, who are fascinated by  Star Wars and want to look into the future right now. Yes, this type of laser tag club is much more expensive in terms of investment, but the average bill for games is much higher. Space blasters and vests with defeat sensors are used as gaming equipment here. And the game actions are monitored by electronics: the server counts statistics, the damage sensors vibrate when hit, and the  shot is duplicated by a special backlight.

The difference between an indoor laser tag club and an outside laser tag club is in its location. If “out-of- arena” is often played in the forest, in abandoned buildings, then “arena” in 99% of cases is located in  shopping centers. Indoor laser tag is a cool family attraction that the whole family can visit. Therefore, human traffic is very important for this kind of club.

Thus, when it is clear with the location, we must take into consideration the design of the arena. Here you cannot act at random, but must be guided by the rules: ventilation, electrical, heating, placement of play areas - everything must be thought out to the smallest detail. Because to redo something later, it will be problematic and expensive from a financial point of view.

Mobile laser tag club

In our opinion, mobile laser tag is ideal for those who have never done business, but is eager to start. What is the point: in mobile laser tag you play games outdoor and use outdoor laser tag equipment  together  with sports figures. You don't have to buy your own room and pay high rent. All you need for your work is not a big car and a garage to store equipment. Mobile laser tag is an anticrisis option. The investment here is minimal, but this type of laser tag club is ideal for laying the  foundation for a larger project. Conduct outdoor battles, accumulate experience and money, and then organize a full-fledged outside arena club. Now is a great time to start. We discussed the prospects for the development of the industry in a separate article.


In fact, there are many more types of laser tag clubs. But not all of them are worth considering. Some of them are outdated in their message, some are too expensive, and some are currently inappropriate to purchase. We focused our attention on the main and most common types. Which one to choose is only your decision. The LASERWAR company is always ready to bring your ideas to life.