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Preparing laser tag equipment for the game

The impression of a visit to a laser tag club depends on many factors: greeting, reception, meeting guests, equipment availability, interesting scenario and transparent game rules. In this article, we will touch on one aspect that affects the overall impression: the equipment.

You will learn how to prepare your laser tag equipment for the game, what to look for and how to avoid embarrassing situations. Our advice is a memo to all instructors, as we have compiled a list of rules that are used everywhere.

Before the game

Once a request has been accepted, the instructor knows how many visitors will come to the laser tag game. Which means that the first thing to do is to book the amount of equipment to be used. It is important to consider what scenarios will be played: this determines how many machine guns, sniper and assault rifles should be selected.

The same applies to additional equipment. A good instructor knows how many control points and digital flags are involved in the game.

Once the equipment is booked, make sure it is ready: all game sets must be clean, charged and have the last firmware according to the scenario settings. You should especially pay attention to the little things that almost everyone forgets about: the batteries in the scopes must be fresh, the optical lenses not cracked, and the game sets must be zeroed.

In general, there is one fundamental rule: the player should not get the impression that the equipment has been through "fire, water and brass" when they receive it. Impressions and emotions are what a good laser tag club fights for.

While playing

So, the players have received the taggers, the preliminary briefing has taken place and the fighters have rushed into action. What can happen at this stage? As practice shows, anything may happen. A good instructor knows that any long pause in the game affects the fighting spirit in a bad way. This means that all delays must be minimised.

If a tagger breaks down or a control point fails during the game, the easiest thing to do is to replace the equipment without getting into the cause of the breakdown. Please understand the following: a detailed and thorough breakdown can be done after the game is over in a calm environment. This should not be done during the game: firstly, it is unlikely to be repaired quickly and secondly, there is no guarantee that it will not happen again.

So, change taggers and additional developed if any issue arises. A good laser tag club should have substitute equipment available at all times, regardless of the number of visitors.

After the game

The players have left their feedback, which means it's time to move on to servicing the taggers and preparing for the next game. Important: just because the equipment has performed faultlessly throughout the game does not mean that it does not need to be serviced. At the very least it should be cleaned, inspected for any external damage and charged. The e-components must be checked: speaker, IR emitter, vibration motor, recharge button. After the preparation - the equipment is sent to a rack or special room to wait for the next game.

We hope that our tips will help all laser tag instructors to run many successful games and keep the equipment in good condition for a long time