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Popular laser tag scenarios

Laser tag without an interesting scenario resembles a holiday spent at home: it is not bad, but without much excitement. Just shooting at your opponents is fascinating only at the beginning. Those who have fully tasted the game are eager for fascinating missions. The more original scenarios you can offer to your customers, the faster they become permanent clients. For the sake of new impressions, people are ready for a lot of things, and the capabilities of LASERWAR equipment will satisfy the most sophisticated players. In this overview we will look at current and exciting laser tag battle scenarios.

1. Capturing the flag
2. Checkpoints capturing
3. Assault
4. Team Deathmatch
5. Hunger games
6. Tank
7. Zombie apocalypse
8. Operation counterterror
9. Escape

We described a small number of possible scenarios for laser tag battles. There can be a huge number of them - the number is limited only by the availability of equipment and the imagination of the organizers. New scenarios can be created on the basis of well-known films and PC games, linked to different holidays and anniversaries, and calculated for different categories of players - based on their age or profession. The variability of game ideas is the right way to win more customers. We advise you to study the experience of other laser tag clubs, go to competitions more often, not to save on buying additional devices that will help to diversify existing scenarios and introduce new ones.