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laser tag games. In search of a polygon

After you have purchased your laser tag equipment, the next question you should ask yourself is: where to play? In this article, you will find a few useful pieces of advice on choosing a polygon for holding games.

The main thing, don’t be put off by the term polygon. Though it is a military term, it has nothing to do with army or combat actions. Absolutely any area can be used as a polygon for laser tag games – it can be an open field or a forest. When you choose a polygon, you should know approximately how many people are going to play on it. It is clear that you will not need endless hectares of land for 8-10 people. A compactly sized forest will suffice.

You must agree that including some buildings and structures into the area would be more than appropriate – they will come in handy when players will need a hideout for firing. Certainly, we are not talking about the residential houses in the centre of the city. So where will you find such areas? But there are plenty of places that are waiting to become a polygon for your laser tag games. All you need to do is search well. As you drive around countryside, take a good look around – there sure to be some abandoned buildings and plenty of wasteland.

If you don’t travel often or don’t fancy carrying out such a search at all, then you had better ask someone who is well aware of the subject, for instance, those who have ever played or still play the Night Watch. They are sure to lead you to the notable game locations. Yet as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. It would be wise for you to visit the location yourself, or even better together with your team, so as to evaluate its suitability for holding laser tag games. The Night Watch fans might have found the location interesting (in particular, at night time, when objects get a mysterious air about them), while for a game of laser tag fit at all. Yet the question is, what kind of polygon you want. If you are more into urban style, then you look for a not large in size playground with buildings that are very close by one another. In this case, players’ speed of reaction will matter the most. Other than that, such locations are good for snipers – they offer great hiding posts.

A wasteland with few buildings scattered around at a great distance is another option. Here, stamina and alertness are vital – it is difficult sometimes to locate where fire comes from. On such polygons, laser tag scenarios that involve buildings capture and fighting to death are most thrilling. The distinctive feature of large polygons is the fact that not the whole territory but also its parts can be used in scenarios. This adds variety. Games are held at the same place, yet the interest in the location is not lost, for one keeps discovering new positions. The most fascinating type of laser tag polygons is abandoned army quarters. Vast territories, lots of buildings, urban landscape offer the opportunity to enjoy the game to the full and get a sense of participation in real military combat. Absolutely any scenarios can be played out here – it all depends on your fantasy!

Please be aware! Under no circumstances must you play on dangerous polygons. Drive aside, your live and health are above all. Stay away from abandoned industrial factories that used to produce chemical or other hazardous substances. Don’t play inside buildings that are about to collapse. An abandoned building and a nearly destroyed one are not the thing! Whenever possible, tidy up the place and remove the objects that may cause injury (for example, pointed metal pieces). Dress accordingly for the game. Wearing t-shirts and slippers for laser tag is not a great idea! Remember that your safety is in your hands!