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Laser tag - the sport of the 21st century!

Originally, laser tag equipment was developed for military training purposes: coordination, tactical shooting practice and interaction practice during military exercises - laser tag provided an abundance of opportunities that could not be avoided.

The equipment has improved over the years, and combat practice has now moved into the sporting direction. Laser tag has long been considered the sport of the 21st century in a number of countries. And this is not by chance. Let's examine what makes this sport superior to other military tactical games.

Smart electronics

Cheating is impossible in laser tag games. All shots, hits, and misses are meticulously recorded by sophisticated electronics. No blunders, just a perfect calculation. Laser tag competitions are renowned for their competitive nature. If you win, you have improved in a variety of components; if you lose, you now know precisely which weaknesses you need to address.

Few sports can lay claim to such a record. Additionally, laser tag has a distinct advantage over other military-sports games such as airsoft or paintball.

Competitions on a global scale

When we use the term "sport", we always refer to competition. How can you self-identify as an "athlete" if no one competes in your chosen discipline? However, even at this point, laser tag is doing quite well. International laser tag festival, All-Russian international sports laser tag tournament, a military tactical Open LASERWAR Cup, regional championships, and school competitions are frequently held.

Athletes, referees, classes, accreditation, equipment, regulations, and training methods have all been organized and made accessible to the public.

Classes and training

Speaking of classes and training. Due to the fact that there is an official Russian sports laser tag federation, the sections operate within this federation as well. This entails a coaching staff, training methods and athlete preparation for officially sanctioned competitions. You can already enroll your kid in training, monitor their progress, and strive for first place.

A game that has no equal

Laser tag is a sport with great potential. And this fact is acknowledged by absolutely everyone. For the competitions, specialized devices and shelters are being developed. This means that in the near future, laser tag will continue to be the most technologically advanced and rapidly changing sport. However, you can start right now. All the conditions are in place. All you need is the will to win.