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Laser sniper: shoots rarely but never misses

Laser sniper: shoots rarely but never misses

The sniper is, perhaps, the most legendary part in laser tag games. The elegant and realistic looks of rifles immediately evokes the Hollywood image of a deadest shot who is also a brilliant master of field camouflage. Just confess, you must have been dreaming to become that legendary sniper who turns up in the most unexpected places and vanishes after a single shot, accurate and merciless. All existing legends about this profession are based on true facts no matter how unbelievable they might seem.

Sniper duels have become a common sight in large-scale laser tag games. With several different rifles in the arsenal, any laser tag club may bring life into their battles by introducing new game scenarios and roles for the players. A great number of newbies are simply dying to get hold of long-range combat weaponry with telescopic sights and try it on the battlefield.

A well-trained sniper alone can change the flow of the battle and affect the outcome of the game neutralizing the enemy with the accuracy of a good surgeon. The very presence of the sniper dashes the enemy’s spirits, makes them hesitate and hide, slows down their reaction.

This Hollywood image strongly reminds of the typical game conditions during laser battles, doesn’t it? So, what specific things are you going to face when taking a sniper rifle?

First of all, you must be aware that the sniper’s part restricts your freedom of movement to a certain extent. If you are fond of action and adore being in the heart of a battle, most likely, you’d better choose some other weapon. The sniper is very often supposed to stay in one position for a long time. When implementing an important strategic task, the sniper may lie in wait for the enemy for not less than 30 or 40 minutes, and that does not guarantee easy catch, though. Aiming for your opponents at long ranges is a rather tedious and time-consuming process. Laser sniper rifles are equipped with the most up-to-date telescopic sights which provide amazingly accurate shots. Given the relatively small damage zone, the sniper simply must do his best to make his shot a success.

On the other hand, the sniper’s part is a red flag for the enemy team. It is a special treat to spot the sniper’s ambush and make him join “the dead”, giving your team more possibilities of moving positions on the battlefield.

The next tip is closely connected with the previous one: it is useful for the sniper to have 2 or 3 combat companions at hand, who might secure moving positions and, if bumping into the enemy, give covering fire. These teammates will also be of great help after the sniper has taken up the firing position. In this case the allies should defend the key positions which allow easy access to the sniper. The sniper may become your “eyes”, that is why it is extremely important to ensure his safety.

Apart from accurate shooting and reliable teammates, the sniper has to be a master of camouflage. To become part of the background environment you may use special camouflage clothing or even implement some landscape elements into your combat attire. The Wood Goblin costume or Ghillie Suit are available in special shops. You may also create and make your own disguise outfit which is sure to save plenty of your virtual lives.

And what if your combat allies failed to hold back the enemy and your camouflage clothing got spotted by the aggressor who simply can’t wait to announce the legendary fall of the enemy sniper? It’s high time your additional equipment was employed! The most common weaponry here are pistols and machinegun pistols. Their advantages are obvious: they are compact, lightweight, high-speed, providing high fire rate, comparing to the sniper rifle. The choice of lightweight and compact taggers is justified by the combat conditions where even slight additional weight may have a negative effect on the players’ mobility and endurance.

The listed-above tips are basic. Here we present a kind of general guide, whereas only an experienced sniper, who has gone through thick and thin of laser tag battles, can confide all the nuances of a laser sniper’s job. The thing that is really important to understand is: the sniper’s part requires not only a perfect handle of a laser sniper rifle and a great knack of camouflage. It is an entirely new type of laser tag which is known to warfare strategy experts only. Do you want to plunge into the strategy and tactics of a completely new laser tag stream? Then you’d better equip yourself with another piece of the sniper’s armour: shoot rarely but never miss!