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FAQ of the customers after receiving the equipment

You have received our equipment, but do not know how to connect it to the software and configure? How to keep statistics? What should you do if the Digital Flag is not connected to the network? No panic! We collected frequent customers’ questions after receiving the equipment, talked to LASERWAR specialists and created an instruction for all occasions. Here are 16 questions and answers to them.

1. What generation of the received equipment?

You can check it in the account or identify by sound:

v. 9: Color of the team (“Play for the red team”, “Blue Team, to attack!”…).

v. 10: “The testing is successfully completed.” Color of the team sounds after connecting to the headband.

v. 11: The sounds of music. Sound signal is played after connecting to the headband.

2. Which chargers are suitable for the equipment?

Spider, Li+, Smart Li+ chargers are suitable for the taggers of the 9-10th generations and additional devices.

Firefly, Li+ chargers are suitable for Smart RGB headbands of the 9-10th generations, the Alphatag taggers and headbands.

You can check the charge level of the Smart RGB headband using a LED next to the power socket. The green light signifies that the battery is normal. The orange light signifies that you have an hour and a half to play. The red light signifies that the battery is discharged.

You can check the charge level of the tagger with a multimeter in voltmeter mode using power socket. Deep discharge is 7 V and below. If it’s 7.3-7.4 V, the level charge is approximately 50% or below. If it’s 8.3 - 8.4 V, the tagger is charged.

3. What software is needed to set up the equipment?

You need the USB Base or Smart Pro Remote, that works like USB Base, for additional equipment and the LASERTAG CONFIGURATOR for 4-9th generation for Windows. It doesn’t depend on the generation of the equipment.

4. What operating system is needed for operation of the software?

For computers

Windows 10 or later version is suitable for v. 10-11.

Windows 7 or later version is suitable for v.4-9.

For mobile devices

Windows 10 or later version is suitable for v.11, Alphatag Server.

Android, iOS are suitable for v.11, Alphatag Player/Configurator.

Windows 10 is suitable for v.10.

Android is suitable for v.7-9.

5. How to set up the taggers?

If you have the equipment of the 10-11th generations, the taggers connect to computer or mobile device via Wi-Fi. Connecting the headband to the tagger is not necessary. The equipment must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. By default, the LASERWAR_NET is suitable for the 10th generation, the ALPHATAG_NET is suitable for 11 generation, without a password.

If you have the equipment of the 7-9th generations, the tagger and the headband connect to each other via Bluetooth. The headband must be disconnected. The tagger enters the setup mode when it is connected to the software. You can turn on the headband connected to the tagger immediately in setup mode, or turn off.

In Android, you need to enter a PIN code (1234) for pairing, when the tagger is first connected. In Windows, if you have the software for 10-11 generations, you need to do the same. The system requests the code; you need to enter it manually if it has not been connecting for a long time.

6. Is it possible to play with equipment of the 10-11 generations without connecting to the software?

Yes, it is. You need to activate the play set as usual for this. If you have equipment of the 10th generation and the tagger is not activated and emits two beeps after receiving the command, you need to turn off the Number of lives.

7. The application for 10th generation is not installed, the Microsoft Store doesn’t open, the Get button is not available. You have any problems with installing the application.

Windows 10 or later version is required. Install all available updates via "Update and Security". You need to right-click Start → Options or Start → press the gear button. The Windows version must be 21H2 (at the moment) or later. You can find out the version by right-clicking on Start → System.

8. The application has been installed, but taggers are not connected.

It’s possible that computer is not connected to the necessary Wi-Fi network.

9. The Digital Flag is not connected to the network.

You need to enter the network name and the password in the Wi-Fi settings of the Flag. ALPHATAG_NET is set by default.

If it still does not connect, you can turn it and the tagger on and move to TTX weapons.

10. In the application for the 10th generation, taggers are not displayed in the Settings.

The connection is made via Bluetooth in this section. Accordingly, the computer must have Bluetooth adapter and it should be enabled. Sometimes you need to activate detection in the advanced Bluetooth settings.

11. In the Alphatag Server application, play sets are not connected via Wi-Fi.

You need to delete it and install again. At the first start, you will be asked to add the application to the firewall exceptions, this must be done by putting both ticks: one will already be, the second one should be put. Thus, it will allow to work in all networks.

12. Taggers are not visible in the computer application for 4-9th generations.

It means that there is a problem with Bluetooth. The easiest way is to try using a phone with Android: the Bluetooth driver and so on are not important there, it works with any of them.

13. It's too easy to hit the enemy even through a wall.

You need to reduce the power of the shot: in the settings or by command from the remote. It is better to choose the power for different models individually.

14. Is there a recommended power?

The remote has the command "Power above/below" or "Power 49/99%". It sets the most suitable values for high and low power. For example, 25 and 100% are for the 8th generation. 15 and 100 % are for the 10th generation, or it depends on the firmware.

15. Have you got any recommended routers?

There is an instruction about the number of play sets they can work with on the website, in the description of the routers. The best one is Elite.

Our customers who have got a large number of play sets, have recommended the ASUS AX11000 and Archer C5400.

16. Is it possible to repair the equipment yourself?

Yes, it will not take away the guarantee.