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Can kids join the game?

Nearly 50% of all phone inquiries that we receive at our club start with the question: “Can kids join the game?” The answer is “Yes”: we work with children aged 5 and older and everything is safe here! The more such phone calls I receive, the clearer becomes my understanding of that both the game itself and the equipment producer gave me an excellent instrument for working with a large client base, which is not available either for paintball or for airsoft!

Yet does this really imply that laser tag is a children’s game? Will it be right to say that laser tag is just a game for kids and for nerds and that real men play paintball and airsoft? Who is this game for, really? For kids, teens or grown-ups? Let’s look into the matter.

We have highlighted the moments which are important for each category of our players and have made an attempt to understand what it is exactly that they want from our game and whether we can provide this to them. 


The way I see it, children are boys and girls up to the age of 14. Their parents make almost all the decisions for them. They have hardly any independence or financial freedom at that age.

What do children need? First and foremost, they want to play. What kind of game do they want to play? The one that is free from pain, exciting, with clear and simple rules and with play weapons that are attractive and not too heavy. The more it looks like a computer game the better. Another significant point that must be mentioned – the game must be approved by parents. For it is them who pay for their kids. What matters most for adults is game safety. Here we can assure them that infrared rays won’t do any harm to a child. As to the rest, much depends on game organizers.

There is no pain in this game, meaning that we meet the expectations of both children and parents. The rules of the game are clear and simple – all hits are registered by the electronic system. There are attractive lightweight weapons available, for example, the Erazer, Tirex, Uzi, MP-514, MP-7. The choice is extensive. Much depends on the organizer, but as a rule, kids are thrilled!   

Adult players

What do grown-ups want? Adult players are different. Many men crave for realism – they want a heavy sub-machine gun and a breachblock reload. Those who love variety want to have several weapons at hand – an AK and something from the M range, a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle! For many it’s more about scenarios – it must be as intricate as possible and must include various missions. Let’s not forget that girls play the game too. Their requirements are similar to those of children, yet they want to play on same terms as men.

Can we satisfy all those requirements? Yes, we can! Our weapons are based on prototypes of combat weapons and good airsoft guns, there is a huge choice of blasters, so any lover of variety is sure to find something to their liking. Surely, it is more up to organizers what scenarios are going to be like – but the big variety of gadgets and equipment settings makes it possible to do A LOT! As to the fair sex… Laser tag is a game of equal opportunities.

Now, how about…   


14 to 18 years old.

On the one hand, they are still kids, on the other hand, they want to be like adults. They want their weapons to look real, they want more variety. Yet we have discussed it already.

Will everyone be happy? Probably not. It cannot be that everyone is happy with everything. Some may say there is no recoil, others will not get enough adrenaline. Game moments, comfort and other positive sides that I have mentioned earlier will not play a significant role for them. While others will crave for pain experiences, so they will leave for paintball. To each his own, right?

So what do we get? Laser tag is a game for many. For both a child and a teenager will find what they need in this game, a rough bearded man will experience an atmosphere of war, while a delicate girl will feel like a heroine. For this all, I am grateful to laser tag. I am grateful both as a player and as a club organizer. I can give other club owners the following advice – try to understand what your clients want, do your best to hear them and assure them that what you are offering will satisfy them. Show them that laser tag will give them what they want!