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Additional services of laser tag club. Rising average price

Laser tag club is not just a location shooting games. If you look deeper to the services that are provided  by game organizers, it will be clear that now the military tactical club is a whole complex of different activities. In this article, we’ll look at how you can vary your price list and how to increase your average bill with minimal investment.

Initial data

We are looking at a laser tag club that has been working for some time, gained clients and touched the  roof. That is, we have a crisis situation: we have stopped making money, we have stopped getting new clients, we don’t know how to get old players to come back for repeat visits. And at the same time, we haven’t got extra money to make a big update of the club: switch to a new generation, buy new rifles, pay an event agency. You need to do everything yourself and as quickly as possible. Where to begin?

Laser tag shooting gallery

Laser tag shooting gallery is a simply must have of every club. Judge for yourself: it is not very expensive, it can be used while the laser tag area is occupied, and both adults and children like it. And you can take it out  with you on trips: City Day, Victory Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day - even one shooting range is enough for these holidays, without additional game sets.

The undeniable advantage of the shooting range: its high reliability, ease of how-to-use, maintainability and payback. While children are playing - adults are shooting at the shooting range, children want to find out who is the most accurate shooter - the shooting range will help, mothers think that laser tag is not for them - launch the shooting range and clear any doubts.

VR gaming area

Virtual reality is a real godsend for laser tag clubs. Of course, there are a lot of skeptics who only want to play tactical games. But let's face it: many people like VR games. You do not need to immediately purchase 20 headsets to launch such a service. You only need to buy 4 helmets and chargers. VR games quickly pay back: usually, laser tag clubs put a high price on this service. You need to add an offer to the price list, work for a couple of months and you can expand the range further. The VR gaming area is a great addition that will add points to any military tactical club.

Punch Box

Punch Box is more of a nice addition than a separate service. But the paradox is that this supplement brings good money. What's the point? We take a box, make round holes in it, and put soft plush balls inside. And we add a gift to each ball. Now the guests need to punch a hole with their hand and pull out some kind of special souvenir from the ball.

Punch Box is perfect for birthday parties: guests breaks through a hole with their hand, grabs the contents, and in return say congratulations to the birthday boy. Or the club administrator lays out branded souvenirs, and after the game the guests randomly hit and take what they dropped. Punch box costs a penny, but at the same time it brings not only money, but also emotions to the players.

Air hockey

The last option on our list. We think that there is no need to describe anything special here. Air hockey is simple, understandable, easy to repair and easy to explain the rules. You can arrange real exiting fights between children and parents, organize mini-tournaments and determine the best hockey player. Upgrade your club in a couple of seconds and be sure to tell about this service on social networks.


Always find opportunities to expand your services. The more you have, the higher is the average cheque. The higher the average check, the greater the final profit. There is no need to spend a lot of money to upgrade your club. All you need is ingenuity and a little imagination. No doubt one day you will hear from your clients: wow, cool, we will come again!