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10 reasons to choose laser tag as your business

Laser tag is a relatively new kind of game in the niche of military tactical games. As the laser tag came much later than paintball and airsoft, it has a number of good advantages when doing business. It's about equipment, technology and banal mathematics: the cost of many things is much lower than in similar disciplines. Today we will list ten main advantages why it is worth choosing laser tag for your business:

Initial investments

Compared to similar positions in paintball and airsoft, laser tag equipment will cost approximately 20% cheaper at the initial stages. A starter can be purchased for 300 thous. roubles including delivery. Not only is it not so much compared to gaming businesses, laser tag is more profitable even when compared to coffee shops and hairdressing salons.

Costs of consumables

There is no need to buy consumables in laser tag. No spending on balloons, bullets, no need to charge your weapon with compressed air. Only a charger and a socket will be needed to operate the equipment. As soon as you have bought a 'tagger+headband', you have secured at least more than 1000 rental games without additional financial injection into your equipment.

Playground investments

When it comes to paintball and airsoft, the costs necessarily include the playground preparation. You will never be able to play games if you do not observe all safety measures. The mesh, shelters, masks - all this deals a heavy blow to the businessman's wallet. In laser tag, many people start with outdoor games without spending additional resources on their own playground. The equipment operates on the basis of IR radiation, which is absolutely safe in all conditions and for all ages. After purchasing the equipment, you can start earning money immediately.

Depreciation of equipment

In laser tag, physical contact is almost completely eliminated, and equipment is not physically exposed to balls or bullets. This means it deteriorates less, requires less maintenance and brings more money. You will not have to keep in your head how many rental masks you have to replace, how many rental camouflage you have to wash. Laser tag wins in this aspect as well.



The staff of the laser tag club will need fewer people. Since all game events are handled by electronics, there is no need to hire referees and instructors. In the first stage, the business owner himself will be able to conduct games. There will be no arguments about wrong hits and unfair wins. In laser tag, all this work is controlled by technology.


The repair of laser tag equipment is considerably cheaper than that of paintball and airsoft equipment. Typical repairs will include: The replacement of the battery, speaker and power sockets. You can perform all these operations in any workshop. And with minimal soldering iron skills, you can do everything yourself. Minimal losses over long-term.

Average game check

Of course, the absolute values of the average check are higher in paintball and airsoft. But if you look at the strong points, the fact is that there is more money left after playing laser tag than after playing paintball and airsoft. With the same number of clients, the laser tag club generates 15% more net profit per month. This fact is confirmed by rental clubs around the world.


Laser tag has more additional devices for playing, which means more scenarios, which in its turn means more services that can be provided to the client. You can play scenarios with checkpoints, digital flags, mines, trip wire, and bombs. This variability forces the customer to return to the club again and again. With proper service, a full sales funnel can be organised in a minimum of time.

Connecting additional services

Laser tag is also beneficial in terms of additional business. It fits perfectly well with airsoft, paintball, fireball, and a tourist club. You should not be afraid to expand your range of services at the expense of laser tag: this business increases the average check per game and expands the opportunities for the rental club.

Fewer competitors

The niche of laser tag business is still very uncompetitive, so now is the time to start. A successful start will require enthusiasm, good marketing and service. It will not take much effort to earn the first money. So if you are still thinking about your choice of direction in the niche of military tactical games, then laser tag is your choice.