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Arsenal. Ammo replenishing device


The Arsenal ammo replenishing device is the fighting brother of the classic Basic first aid kit. What sets them apart is their design and functionality. The Arsenal's body is made of durable black plastic, with only one yellow button for controls. The ammunition is replenished using this button. The button is illuminated and is visible even in low light.

It's simple, uncluttered and very reliable. The game set is easily mounted on the wall. The device is recommended for rental and has, moreover, long been added to the arsenal of many laser tag clubs.


Arsenal is installed at team bases to recover tagger ammo. This is the main function of this additional device. The player runs up, presses the yellow button and replenishes cartridges in laser tag equipment.

The device is charged via the Smart Li+ device, with the charging socket located on the body underside. Arsenal weighs 480 g and is 18.5 cm high, 11.5 cm wide and 6.5 cm thick.

Device settings

The game set is switched on using a special key; once the button lights up, it is ready for use. A single press provides a supply of ammunition to all taggers within the range of the IR pulse.

Arsenal will run on a single charge for about a day and a half. Order your device now from the LASERWAR online shop.