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Laser tag club franchise for free

In business it is always hard to start from scratch - you have too much to calculate and think about beforehand. According to statistics, the majority of new companies do not survive even two years of work in the market.

Many people prefer to create their own franchise business in order not to take risk for nothing. The entrepreneur has the right to work under a well-known brand and use a proven business model, which is more likely to be successful. Of course, that does not mean that a businessman is not required to make any effort. But you have to admit, a confident start is a grand share of success.

At LASERWAR, we have a good idea of how difficult it can be for a new entrepreneur. That's why we always support our clients in every possible way - provide them with free information and advertising materials, conduct training webinars within the framework of the "Business School".

After 11 years of successful work in the market, we have come to a new format of cooperation with laser tag clubs - franchising. On August 1, we are launching a new offer: when you buy 10 any laser tag game sets, you get a free package of materials for your business! It will allow opening a club under the LASERWAR brand name, that is cooperating with 2500 rental clubs in 78 countries around the world. Such initial conditions increase the chances of a new company becoming successful.

What's included in the package?

1. Business plan to open the club. It's not acceptable to act randomly when you open your own business. At the outset, you need to conduct a market analysis and study the competitive environment that you will become a part of. This will help to organize the right power balance and allocate finances so as not to lose money. We give you a business plan that will help the business move in the right direction from the first working days.

2. Assistance in the development and promotion of the club from the largest manufacturer of laser tag equipment. You get access to all materials of the educational project "LASERWAR Business School". Dozens of training webinars, useful articles and cases for organizing events - an indispensable repository of knowledge will be in your grasp. In addition, experienced professionals will support you at all stages of the business development. You can count on our experts for advice and guidance. In addition, you can invite our experts to your club to train your employees to play games, set up and carry out basic repairs of equipment*.

3. 20 GB of branded advertising materials for the design of the club - a ready-made solution for creating a corporate identity and further company promotion. Decorate rooms, produce souvenirs, leaflets, posters and business cards. Make your club recognizable!

4. Registration in the LASERWAR CRM-system, created specifically for rental organizations. With its help you can keep your own accounting, store and replenish the customer base, monitor the employee's work, assign them tasks and calculate their salaries. CRM has a wide range of marketing opportunities: with its help you can start SMS-mailing with notifications about profitable promotions, connect mailboxes that are used to communicate with clients and create text templates for them. It is also possible to connect IP-telephony. It gives you an opportunity to make and receive calls within the CRM, immediately add new customers into the database and quickly create requests. The system takes into account the peculiarities of military tactical games and simplifies business processes.

5. Personal website. A prerequisite for companies that have come to the market seriously and for a long period of time. However, the creation of a convenient, stylish website is a matter of cost. Not all novice entrepreneurs can afford it. LASERWAR customers get a website fo free and as well as access to a multi-million dollar audience of potential customers.

6. Possibility to get standard examples of design projects of playgrounds for indoor and outdoor laser tag free of charge. We have professional designers who know all in the intricacies of design and construction of such attractions. They have developed several dozens of exclusive laser arena concepts and managed to bring to life the most unusual projects. You will be able to use samples of their work to design your own club. Upon request, you can also order the "Turnkey laser tag arenas" service. This includes the development of an individual design based on your requirements and the construction of the arena by our experts**.

7. Our special offer 10+2 is still valid. In this case, the total discount can reach 20%. A profitable offer for acquisition of the game arsenal.

8. Set of instructions for use and repair of equipment. Useful materials to help your equipment stay in service for a long time, even with a large number of customers.

9. Adding customers to the client's map on the official website of the manufacturer is an opportunity to join a single network of laser tag-clubs while cooperating with LASERWAR.

Laser tag is a high-tech game of the future. It's winning more and more fans every year. People who are tired of the bustle of work are looking for active entertainment and positive emotions that laser tag can provide in abundance. Laser tag clubs are becoming favorite places for corporate, family and children's parties. Successful organizations go further, involving children, teenagers and their parents in sports with the help of laser tag. Specialized sports clubs, sports competitions, city celebrations - opportunities for business development in this area are vast. This confirms the experience of our customers.

Start your journey in the laser tag business today! Open your own rental club and join the LASERWAR family. We will provide you with a successful start and confidence in the future of your new company.

No time to wait! The campaign will last until December 31, 2020.

For more details, call +1 (347) 767-3111 (for USA)+33 0970 447 111 (for Europe)8 800 555-95-90 (for Russia): or email at,,

* The specialist's visit to a laser tag club is paid separately. Consultations of company employees by phone are free of charge.

** The "Turnkey laser tag arena" service is a paid option.