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How to organize laser tag game

Many business owners still remember their first game. Some have memories of mistakes and shortcomings, while others had their first game the best ever. For all those who are just beginning their journey in laser tag business, we have prepared a little hint, which describes the main work stages. What to pay attention to, where to focus attention and how to avoid mistakes in the first game - all this in our article "How to organize a laser tag game".

Confirming application.

So you were approached by the first clients, which means that you need to confirm their application. There are various ways of doing this: by phone, on request on the website, through a CRM system, writing the data into a notebook. But the following things must be clarified:

  1. Game date and time
  2. Number of players
  3. Game cost
  4. Payment method
  5. Wishes on game equipment
  6. Event date (birthday, corporate event, family holiday)
  7. Contact person whom you can call on the day of the event

In general, this is a minimum set of information that will be sufficient to carry out the game. The list can be supplemented and changed depending on the individual characteristics of the rental club.

Preparing equipment

A few hours before the game, or even better, a day before, make sure the equipment is ready for play: the rifles are clean, the taggers and headbands are ready, the collimator sights have good batteries, and all the weapons have been adjusted. It is desirable to have an arsenal in the club, some of which will be involved in the game, and some of which will be used for maintenance and recharging. With this approach, you will be provided with continuous games.

Meeting clients

When meeting clients, you must take into account when they visit your club. If this is the first time that players have come, then special attention must be paid to the initial instruction: where they can change clothes, how the playground itself looks like, how the equipment works, where they can eat and where the toilet is located. The more information you give to the clients, the fewer questions you will have during the game.

First scenario

If your club is being visited for the first time, it is best to be guided by the principle "from simple to complex". In order for players to understand in practice how laser tag equipment works, it is best to play the game in the "wall on wall" format. There are no additional devices in it, and the goal is easily understood by all the participants. It is only after this scenario has been played a couple of times that it is time to add additional devices.


Once everything is over, be sure to collect feedback from players: ask them to evaluate the laser tag club on a special wall with stickers, or leave feedback on social networks. You can motivate people with discounts or special offers. As a rule, even one negative feedback can improve the performance of your business and draw attention to weak spots.

Purchase funnel and return of customers

The game has been played, feedback has been received, conclusions have been drawn, how can we attract players to the club again? Any marketing tools will be suitable for this: emails, SMS notifications, birthday discounts and promotions for the company. But no matter how good promotion tools are, the owner of the business needs to remember that buzz marketing is the best advertising. If the club has good service and attention to detail, the flow of customers will not run out at any time of year.