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Let your children have their childhood, they need to spend more time outdoors, playing and having fun with their friends.
Can children play laser tag?
We realize how little time we spent with our kid when he's already grown up. Give your children the opportunity to grow and without computers and tablets, fight their trust and friendship.
If you play paintball or airsoft, you know these kinds of games are not safe for kids. But you can help your child to develop love for military sports games with the help of safe laser tag.
  • There's no danger of having an injury.
  • The equipment is 100% safe for your health,
  • There is no age limit,
  • Very convenient and easy to use weapons
    Laser tag games create a sense of real competition where you can learn to play in a team, figure out the best strategy, win, and conquer. Perfectly safe outdoor/indoor games improve health, help to make friends, give excitement and a great mood. In addition, such military sports games are aimed at fostering patriotism, helping to find in the boy the qualities of a leader and a real man,. They open a real world to the child.
    Laser tag is very convenient not only for children's holidays. Your children can play on their own every day. Children and parents will be thrilled.

    Give your children a real childhood!
    • Weight 1 kg
    • Length 70 cm
    • Range of fire ~ 300 m
    • Battery life ~ 30 h
    • Battery Li+ (2,2 Ah; 7,4V)
    The Predator Game set is a reliable and lightweight product. It has smart audio technologies. Now the sound has become even more louder. This weapon is not afraid of damage, and it will give your child many positive emotions. The frame is made of shockproof plastic with some polymer components. The weapon looks real and will be a good choice for young fighters. It's very easy to turn the weapon on and off. It's safe to leave it unattended because one should use the anti-vandal lock to turn it on. The lock is located under the pistol grip, on the left side of the frame.

    • Weight 0,78 kg
    • Length 39,5 cm
    • Range of fire ~ 300 m
    • Battery life ~ 30 h
    • Battery Li+ (2,2 Ah; 7,4V)
    The Phoenix game set is a result of a long, painstaining work. It is convenient, ergonomic, light even for children, and durable. You can play with it hundreds of games. Phoenix has a collapsible buttstock. The buttstock and charging socket have been improved. The design of was developed in cooperation with the SOBR, and we wanted to rely on the opinion of the real professionals. We thank the guys from SOBR who helped us to improve the grip's design. The grip takes into account the size of a child palm. The durable build-in OLED display will give you all important statistics. You can recharge a weapon very fast without being distracted from the game: On the left, there is a special button for that purpose.
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    Tens of thousands of customers use our equipment worldwide

    We ship taggers not only in Russia and the CIS. Our customers speak Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and other languages.

    The weapons work well in different weather and climatic conditions.
    All equipment has conformity certificates and product IDs
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