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The range of equipment for laser tag produced by our company will impress any pro. Laserwar offers not olnly weapons but a large selection of additional devices that will not leave fans and the owners of rental clubs cold.

When developing new devices we are guided by trends that dictate the wishes of our users. After all, the main criterion of work for our planning and development departments it is your positive feedback concerning the unfailing work and technical uniqueness of our devices.

The brightest trend of this summer related to additional devices is their versatility, advanced features. The new Cerberus mine will rightfully take its place in the laserwar world of universal devices, replacing two devices at once: Tripwire mine (with a motion sensor) and Claymore.

Not so long ago, we announced a universal "Chameleon" point that supports 4 types of impulses and can play 3 customizable scenarios. Now laser tag amateur's arsenal will also include a mine that will make your enemy's life very complicated. Capturing a flag or holding a control point will be a difficult task for a virtual enemy. Apart from an enemy bullet the players can be hit with an IR  Cerberus impulse. The impulse can hit players from any team. Everything depends on the settings.


The American M18A1 personnel mine and Russian MOH-50 mine served as prototypes. On the front side there are are 8 IR LEDs, 2 IR-sensors and 1 red LED-indicator. On the back of the frame there are slots behind witch you can see two powerful 1-watt dynamics, which provide awesome sound support during  detonation. At the bottom of the frame there is a charging socket with a rubber plug, as well as a power button. On top there is a slot for installing the fuse which has a rubber plug as well.

The black matte frame made from shock proof plastic, reduces probabilities of fractures or cracks. Small dimensions and lack of protruding parts underline the ergonomic design of the device. There are protruding ribs on the back of the frame with openings for metal pins. And there are 2 eyelets on the sides. If you want, you can pass through them a Velcro ribbon and place the device on the trunk of a tree or a pole. In winter you can just place the device on the ground. You can place the mine anywhere, thanks to smart fixture elements.

The Laserwar's specialists have managed to create a new generation of devices based on their own development technologies. The IR sensors that perform the motion capture function are  a miracle. Unlike classical Chinese-produced ultrasonic sensors, IR sensors provide 99.8% of stable work. Thus, you have a very small percentage of accidental activation. The designers made everything possible to make the device look nice. If they had used the photo sensors, they would have had to equip the mine with lenses - a severe blow to the design. But good old reliable solutions are the choice of our company.

The weight of device is only 580 g, with relatively small dimensions — 21 x 15 x 8 centimeters. The 2.2 Ah ithium battery is the heart of the mine. It provides up to 36 hours of great pperformance.


When you turn the device on you will hear a sound that indicates the battery level. Then a 5-second countdown begins. There will be short signals. The diode on the front panel will light up. When the countdown ends, the mine will be cocked.

It can explode in two cases: 1. If the IR motion sensors are activated. The range is 3 meters. 2. If the other mine or grenade is exploded nearby. The device will also detonate if you shoot at it. By default the device has 100 health points. The number of shots you need to destroy the mine depends on weapon settings. When health points fall below zero, the mine explodes.

The blast radius is up to 12 meters.

When detonated the device beeps periodically for 10 minutes. The red diode will light up. When ten minutes have elapsed, the device turns off .


The Setup process is extremely simple. You don't need the Configurator — everything is done manually. Insert a special plug in the charging socket and press the power button.

If you enter this mode, you will hear a sound and the red led will start blinking. Use the Nano remote control to change settings: The small button selects an option and the big one changes its parameters. After all the parameters have been set, you must wait five seconds for them to be set. The mine will save your settings. You will also hear a short beep.

To exit the configuration mode, turn off and turn on the device.



— Minimum sounds. Low sounds will not attract your enemy's attention. The battery charge is saved.

— All sounds. Understandable voice messages. Attractive for casual players.


— Explosion. The absolute illumination of all nearby players regardless of their color. The player's statistics will show: "death from the blast".

— Shot. The mine produces a series of shots making a maximum damage. The color of the team and the ID of the player who installed the mine are taken into account.  This means that a mine explosion can be harmless to your teammates.  The mine owner improves his statistics. And the statistics of the dead player will indicate that he was killed by the player who had installed the mine.


— Classic. The mine will be immediately activated if you turn on the power.

—  Advanced. After each explosion, you need to activate the mine with the "New Game command." You won't be able to use the device indefinitely, constantly switching it on/off. The principle is as follows: One activation — one explosion.

Motion sensor

— Turn off Saves the battery charge. Prevents accidental activations.

— Turn on Allows you not to install the real trip wire. Saves time you need to install the mine.

In addition to the above settings, you can set the team's color and player ID. To do this, shoot at the infrared sensor located on the front. In this case, the color and ID of the mine and the player who shot at the device will be the same. You can also set the team color using the Remote Pro. The player ID will be 127.


Try Cerberus in action and share your impressions with us. Don't miss your chance to buy a new device of this summer at an incredibly low price —108 USD. Cerberus will "refresh" any scenario, add more dynamic to the game process and make the opponent sweat. Now it is available for sale! Order the device in the Laserwar online store and get wonderful gaming experience from our equipment.