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Laser tag vs. COVID-19
The coronavirus is making turbulences in the world, the economy is in panic.
Laser tag club franchise for free
On August 1, we are launching a new offer: when you buy 10 any laser tag game sets, you get a free package of materials for your business!
Promo BUY 10 laser tag guns and get + 2 Free
Buy any 10 play sets and get 2 x AK-12LT PREDATOR free!
CRM system for laser tag clubs
The company LASERWAR has prepared a favorable offer for the owners of laser tag clubs. Buy our branded equipment and get a gift of three months of free use of a unique CRM-system for las
Predator eats up prices
AK-12LT PREDATOR body for 55 dollars
Get 3000 roubles off when you buy new equipment in exchange for the old one